Milo Arthur Johnson is the oldest son of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler. He likes to keep his life private, but we do know that he is good at sports, languages, and studied at a university in London.

He has both biological and step-siblings, and is interested in writing, but we don’t know much about his career. Let’s read more about his full biography, Wikipedia biodata and net worth below.

Early Life and Education

Milo Arthur Johnson was born in 1995 as the second child in a family of four siblings. His father, Boris Johnson, was the UK Prime Minister, but he resigned due to various controversies and cabinet resignations. Milo has kept his personal life private, making it hard to find information about him.

Talents and Achievements

Milo Arthur Johnson was very active in sports during his school years and was excellent at football, winning “player of the season.” He also showed his talent in cricket and received recognition for his artistic achievement.

Milo Arthur Johnson later went to college at the London School of Oriental and African Studies, where he was skilled in speaking three languages: French, Arabic, and Russian, as stated on his LinkedIn profile.

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Family Background

Milo Arthur Johnson has three biological siblings named Lara, Cassia, and Theodore, and two step-siblings named Stephanie and Wilfred. Stephanie is Boris Johnson’s daughter from his previous relationship, and Wilfred is Boris Johnson’s son with his fiancĂ©e, Carrie Symonds.

Milo Arthur Johnson’s father, Boris Johnson, has been involved in politics for many years, serving as the UK’s Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary, and Mayor of London. Milo Arthur Johnson is a private individual, and not much is known about his professional life. However, he is reportedly interested in writing.

Net Worth

Milo Arthur Johnson’s net worth is unknown as he keeps his personal life private. His father, Boris Johnson, who is the UK Prime Minister, has an estimated net worth of $4 million. [1] [2]

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