Nana is one of the beautiful and cutest participants you are going to meet in the Ziyakhala Wahala season of Big Brother Titans, in the year 2023. Let’s read her full biography and net worth below.

Nana Big Brother Titans Biography

Her full name is Blessing Nana Basheru, she is from a Christian home in Kaduna State, Nigeria. The twenty-two-year-old entrepreneur is currently living in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. She is single, and an entrepreneur before joining the Big Brother Titans Show.

Age – Date of Birth

Nana claims to be at the age of 22 years old. She was born in the year, 2001 in the month of January. She will be at the age of 23 years old next year, 2024.

Nationality – State of Origin

What Is Nana Big Brother Titans Religion; She is from a devoted Christian background, and also from the north central part of Nigeria, Kaduna State precisely. She is currently living in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria which is located in the north central of the country.

Nana Biography And Net Worth

Education Background

She was born in Nigeria, and she is black. She stopped going to college because she couldn’t pay for it. She runs her own business. She said in one of her videos that she knows how to do hair and make-up.

Few Facts to Know About Nana

Nana was the eighth housemate to be shown on BBTitans. There were 20 contestants in the show. She says that she is shy, soft-spoken, confident, smart, and competitive.

She hopes to have a good time on the show and win the grand prize in the end. Here’s what you should know about the person who is now a reality TV star. The first season of Big Brother Titans contestant Blessing Nana Basheru was born in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

The reality star cares about her friends and has faith in herself. She said that if she wins the big prize, she will use the money to help her family.

Nana is a Nigerian entrepreneur. She recently got a lot of attention in January 2023 when she was named as one of the Big Brother Titans seasons 1 contestants. She wants to win the big prize when the show is over after 72 days.

Net Worth

She is worth more or less than, $2k. Blessing got a lot of attention recently when she made the list of 20 Big Brother Titans contestants. She wants to be on the TV show 72 Days and win the grand prize of $100,000.

Nana Narrate a Story About Her Baby

Nana, a roommate on Big Brother Titans, has revealed that when she was pregnant, the fetus she carried died inside of her stomach.

During a discussion that took place with Jennie O, Olivia, and Yvonne, Nigerian Nana shared this information with them.

She explained, “I was six months pregnant and hadn’t realized it yet.” I didn’t go for prenatal.

“The baby had passed away and was rotting away inside of me. In order to get me to go to the hospital, my aunt made up a story that I had an infection.

“I was so calm that, according to my mother, I passed out five times.” I have no idea how the physicians were able to keep my womb whole during all of this.

“Because of my parents’ irresponsibility, I have to engage in a lot of sleazy and unpleasant activities. I was the only student in my class of 300, but I had to drop out because there was no one to teach me.

Social media Pages

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