Neelam Giri Biography and Net Worth, Family, Husband Name, Parents, Wikipedia

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People are falling in love with Neelam Giri because of her unique qualities and good looks. She is a Tiktoker, Tiktok dancer, actress and model from Ballia, Uttar Pradesh.

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Wikipedia Profile & Background

Real Name: Neelam Giri
Date of Birth: 3rd Sep 1997
Age: 26 years old @ 2023
State of Origin: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
Place of Birth: Ballia, Uttar Pradesh
Nationality: Indian
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Actress – Dancer – Model
Net Worth: < 8 lakhs
Tribe – Language: Bhojpuri & Hindi
Religion: Hinduism
Education: Ryan International School

Neelam Giri Biography

The Tiktok dancer is one of the beautiful Indian Bhojpuri dancers I have ever known. Neelam Giri was born in the city of Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. She speaks Bhojpuri and Hindi language fluently, she was born in the year, 1997 and currently at the age of 26 years old in the year, 2023.

She is currently staying in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi is a city in northern India that is known for its culture and strong connection to the Ganges River. Neelam Giri practices the religion of Hinduism.

Neelam Giri Biography and Net Worth, Family, Husband Name, Parents, Wikipedia

Who Is Neelam Giri?

She became famous on TikTok and is now well known in the Bhojpuri music industry. People love her unique personality and looks. Neelam Giri started her career by appearing in the female role in a Pawan Singh album called “Dhaniya Hamar Naya Baadi Ho.”

Age – Date of Birth

Just as we said earlier, she is currently at the age of 26 years old and she was born on third day of September, nineteen ninety-seven in Ballia. Ballia is a place in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. It is located in the far east of Uttar Pradesh and is near the state of Bihar.


Neelam Giri is a famous Bhojpuri dancer and model. She started her career with the song “Dhaniya Hamar Naya Badi Ho.” Since then, she has been in many Bhojpuri songs and is now a popular Bhojpuri dancer in the industry.

She became really famous from the song “Godanwa” which was released in 2021 and sung by Pawan Singh.

In 2022, Neelam started acting in Bhojpuri films and her first film was “Babul.” More films with her are coming soon. She likes the songs of the famous Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj and enjoys dancing to his songs.

Educational Background

The Bhojpuri dancer, Neelam Giri went to Ryan International School, according to a news website. When she was in school, she made videos on TikTok, an app for making short videos.

Neelam Giri Biography and Net Worth, Family

Place of Birth – Current Residence

Neelam Giri was born and raised in Bhutan. However, she says she is from Ballia in Uttar Pradesh and speaks Bhojpuri. She loves dancing and uses to make videos of Bhojpuri songs. She didn’t do well in school, but dancing is her favorite thing to do.

Is Neelam Giri Married?

Neelam Giri is famous for being a Bhojpuri actor and also for making short videos on social media. She does not have a boyfriend and is currently single. She is not married.

Neelam Giri Net Worth

Neelam Giri’s estimated net worth is 8 lakhs. She generates income through acting, modeling, brand promotion, product endorsement and other sources. In case you missed it, we recently made a post on the biography and net worth of Naba Das. He was the minister of health in Odisha.

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