Officer Woos Biography, Net Worth, Religion, State, Tribe, Girlfriend, Age, Wikipedia, Real Name

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Jubril Oladapo Gbadamosi, widely known as Officer Woos, is a popular Nigerian comedian and actor. His claim to fame comes from portraying a police officer in a series of humorous videos alongside Broda Shaggi. Officer Woos continues to capture attention with his latest comedic sketches.

In June 2023, one notable video titled “DANGEROUS INLAWS – OGB RECENT” showcased Officer Woos in a comedic scenario, humorously navigating the challenges of impregnating two different women.

Another highlight in September 2023 was the release of the video “SEGUN JOHNSON ARRESTED,” featuring Officer Woos’ comedic talent alongside other actors.

Adding to his repertoire, Officer Woos released videos titled “I DECIDED TO SCARE MY FIANCEE” in August 2023 and “THE BOYFRIENDS REUNION” in March 2023.

These videos exemplify his ongoing commitment to creating fresh and entertaining comedy content. Officer Woos continues to captivate audiences with his humorous take on various situations, making him a prominent figure in the Nigerian comedy scene.

Officer Woos Biography And Net Worth, Religion, State, Tribe, Girlfriend, Real Age, Wikipedia, Real Name

Wikipedia Profile and Background

Real Name:Jubril Ọládàpọ̀ Gbadamosi
Date of Birth:21st December 1993
Age:30 years old @ 2023
State of Origin:Oyo State, Nigeria
Place of Birth:Lagos State, Nigeria
Marital Status:Single
Net Worth:$900k US Dollar
Education:Lagos State University (Theatre Art)
Parents:Hajiya Romoke Bilikis Gbadamosi (mother)
Wikipedia Profile and Background

Officer Woos Biography

He was born on December 21, 1993, he is from the Yoruba tribe and is from Ibadan, which is in the western part of Nigeria in the state of Oyo. Jubril was born in Lagos State, but he grew up with his family in Ibadan, which is where he went to elementary and high school.

In 2018, he got a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts from the University of Lagos. People have been asking Officer Woos what religion he follows because most of his comedies are about Islam.

Officer Woos Biography And Net Worth, Religion, State, Tribe, Girlfriend, Real Age, Wikipedia


Officer Woos was born into a Muslim family, and that is how he has lived his life. His mother is called Alhaja Romoke Bilikis Gbadamosi, but no one knows who his father is.

Officer Woos Biography And Net Worth, Religion, State, Tribe, Girlfriend, Real Age, Wikipedia, Real Name

How Old Is Officer Woos? Age and Date of Birth

The Nigerian comedian real name is Jubril Oladapo Gbadamosi, and he was born on December 21, 1993. He is 30years old. at the year of writing this.

Where Is Officer Woos From?

What is his state of origin? The comedian is originally from Ibadan, Oyo State. He was born in Lagos State, Nigeria back in the ninety nineties.

Officer Woos Biography And Net Worth, Religion, State, Tribe, Girlfriend, Real Age

Parents: Father and Mother

The comedian was born to Hajiya Romoke Bilikis Gbadamosi (mother), his father is unknown to the public. We promise to update this page as soon as we get his family details or background.

Is Officer Woos Married?

Celebrities often post pictures of their dates on social media, but Officer Woos doesn’t seem like the type to do that. The person who makes funny skits hasn’t given his fans any reason to think he is dating or in a relationship.

But once, he posted a picture of himself with a beautiful woman on his Instagram page and wished the woman a happy birthday while praising her.

Officer Woos Biography And Net Worth, Religion, State, Tribe, Girlfriend

Fans had a lot to say about the post, and some of them said that the woman in the picture was his wife. Officer Woos didn’t say anything about what the two are together, so it’s not clear what they are. So, all of the claims are just guesses.

Early Career

Jubril ládàp Gbadamosi has been entertaining people since he was in high school and college, when he joined all the drama groups at his schools. He said that he became more interested in entertainment when he decided to go into music in 2010.

Even though his parents didn’t like what he wanted to do, he had to move to Lagos to pursue it as a career. The comedian said that he really wanted to make music, but since he can’t sing well, music didn’t want him. He chose to do something else instead.

He started telling jokes, and when he saw that they made people laugh, he decided to go into comedy full-time. After Officer Woos graduated from college, he met and worked with Edgar Eriakha, who was a content manager. Back then, people called him “Inspector OG.”

Officer Woos Biography

Career With Broda Shaggi

Officer Woos knew Broda Shaggi from when they were both students at UNILAG and graduated the same year. Then, when Broda Shaggi was in school, he was part of a drama group called “The Stage Addict,” which Officer Woos also joined.

In 2018, Woos started acting as Broda Shaggi’s police assistant in his comedy skits. In 2019, he became well-known after being in one of his famous comedy videos.

He decided not long after that to start a brand. In his skits, he is known for playing a police officer who stutters and seems confused. This is part of what makes him funny.

Officer Woos Biography And Net Worth, Religion

Because he is so creative and has a great sense of humor, each new video he puts out seems to be better than the last. This makes it hard to choose which one is his best.

He says that Broda Shaggi is to thank for his rise to fame. Broda Shaggi is his brother, his teacher, and his boss, in his own words. He says that Broda Shaggi has changed his life and career in the most amazing ways.

Officer Woos is very creative and knows how to make people laugh out loud with his clever jokes. Most of his skits are about economic, social, and political problems that people and society face.

Officer Woos Biography And Net Worth, Religion, State, Tribe, Girlfriend, Real Age, Wikipedia, Real Name

Net Worth

He is worth over $300k right now. His money comes from things like ads for his comedy videos on social media, promoting his songs, making money on YouTube through Google Adsense, and getting paid for roles in movies.

Officer makes money by promoting brands, putting ads in his comedic skits, promoting songs, and getting money from Google Adsense on YouTube.

But Officer Woos is also the owner of a clothing line called “God No Go Shame Us Hoodie.” He started selling the items in 2020. They are cotton-rich fleece pullovers and stylish T-shirts for both men and women.

Officer Woos said in an interview that he wants to open a school for videography. For his 28th birthday in November 2021, the comedian gave himself a Lexus SUV worth several million Naira.

In Conclusion

Officer Woos started doing comedy as a job in 2008, and he is now one of the most well-known comedians in the country. Officer Woos is a big part of the Nigerian online comedy scene, which has been making a lot of waves on its own.

Because of the popularity of social media apps like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and others, a new group of professionals called “online comedians” and “content creators” has grown up.

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