Papa Ajasco Biography And Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children, State, Real Name, Death

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You will be reading the full biography and net worth of, Femi Ogunrombi popularly known as Papa Ajasco. He is Nigerian comic actor who has acted in so many Nigerian and Yoruba comic movies and tv series in the country.

Papa Ajasco Biography And Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children, State, Real Name, Death

Papa Ajasco Biography

The death of the actor known as Papa Ajasco, whose real name is Femi Ogunrombi and who is best known for his role in the comedy series Papa Ajasco produced by Wale Adenuga, has been verified by a theater specialist by the name of Shaibu Husseini. Papa Ajasco was best known for his role in the series.

The Nigerian family sitcom Papa Ajasco and Company was initially broadcast on television in 1996 under the name The Ajasco Family. Wale Adenuga is the person responsible for creating the show.

State of Origin

Femi Ogunrombi was born in Lagos state, Nigeria. He is originally from southwestern part of the country where is mostly occupied by the Yoruba people.

The television show is an offshoot of a feature film with the same name that was produced in 1984 and directed by Wale Adenuga. The film was given the same name as the television show. The source material for that picture was the comic book series Ikebe Super.

Wife – Children

It is possible that Femi Ogunrombi is married; however, there is no information about his wife to be found anywhere on the internet. It is unclear whether or if Femi Ogunrombi has any children of his own. The children of Femi Ogunrombi are not mentioned in any of the available sources.

Papa Ajasco Biography And Net Worth, Age

Education Background

At the start of the 1980s, Femi Ogunrombi enrolled at Obafemi Awolowo University, where he pursued his education with a dual concentration in music and drama. A musician who is proficient in more than one instrument and who also acts, composes music, teaches music, produces and directs musical and cinematic projects is known as a multi-instrumentalist.

Papa Ajasco Death

Shaibu Husseini, a theater professional, has announced that Femi Ogunrombi has passed away. He is most known for his role in the comedy series Papa Ajasco, which was created by Wale Adenuga.

Husseini did confirm that the veteran actor passed away on Saturday, January 14, 2023, but the information he offered was somewhat sketchy at best.

“I have just been reliably informed that the ethnomusicologist, former Music Instructor with the National Troupe Of Nigeria, and one time stand in for the ‘Papa Ajasco’ character on the popular WAP Comic Series ‘Papa Ajasco’ Mr. Femi Ogunrombi is DEAD.

He was a member of the NationalTroupe Of Nigeria. On his social media platforms, he tweeted, “I am told that the actor, singer, highlifist, and trained Nurse whom we fondly called ‘Uncle Ogurombo’ (not to his ears though) passed away last evening.”

Papa Ajasco Biography And Net Worth

Acting Career

Femi Ogunrombi led the Ayoro Voices choir. From 1980 to 1983, this group represented the University. Femi taught music at the Nigerian National Troupe in 1994. Information and Culture Ministry.

He founded the National Choir in 1998 as Director of Music. He quit the government in 1998 to start a music business. After leaving the administration, he became an art consultant for state governments.

For instance, Lagos State Council for Arts and Culture, 1999–2002, under Chief Mrs. Idowu Shonubi; Ekiti State Council, 2014, under Mrs. Yetunde Fosudo; and Cross River, under Late Bassey Effiong. Femi remains Nigeria’s National Troupe Art Consultant.

Wale Adenuga Productions’ Papa Ajasco and Company starred Femi in 2006. Became PEFTI Film Institute’s Study Coordinator. Femi now focuses on making music and mentoring youth.

The Ajasco family’s comic take on social concerns drives the plot. The major characters are womanizing patriarch Papa Ajasco, his long-suffering wife Mama Ajasco, their naughty son Bobo, local playboy Boy Alinco, promiscuous gold-digger Miss Pepeiye, and illiterate scoundrels Pa James and Pa Jimoh. Papa Ajasco was Nigeria’s most popular comedy show, shown weekly in twelve African countries.

Net Worth

The comic actor is expected to be worth more than, $50k.

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