Prince Tewatia was a well-known criminal with connections to politicians and police officers. He engaged in various criminal activities and had a controversial reputation. In September 2021, he was killed by police during an encounter.

Prince Tewatia’s murder in Tihar Jail has raised concerns about prison safety in India. To prevent gang wars, it’s crucial to ensure that inmates don’t have access to weapons and are kept in separate cells.

Prince Tewatia Biography, Family, Ethnicity, Nationality, Wife, Children

The authorities should take appropriate steps to guarantee the safety of prisoners and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. Here’s a simplified article on the need for better security measures in India’s prisons.

Prince Tewatia Biography

He was born in Tewatia village in Uttar Pradesh, India. Prince Tewatia came from a family with a criminal background and started as a small-time thief. But with the help of his connections to local politicians and law enforcement, he quickly became one of the most feared gangsters in the region. [1]

Tewatia’s criminal empire expanded to multiple districts, thanks to his loyal followers who helped him grow his influence. Here’s a simplified article on Prince Tewatia’s rise to power through his connections with politicians and law enforcement.

Criminal Background

Prince Tewatia was first involved in a criminal case in 2008 after he murdered a youth who had slapped his father. He was later arrested by the Ambedkarnagar police in 2010 for another murder case.

After his arrest, Tewatia tried to prove himself a minor using fake documents. A case of fakery was also filed against him at the Saket police station. Here’s a simplified article on Prince Tewatia’s criminal history and his attempt to use fake documents to escape punishment. [2]

His Association with Lawrence Bishnoi

Prince Tewatia, a notorious gangster with at least 16 criminal cases against him, was found murdered in Tihar Jail. He was allegedly involved in criminal activities since 2010 and had cases registered against him for loot, dacoity, murder and arms act.

Tewatia had ties with gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who is currently in jail facing criminal charges of his own. Tewatia’s rise to power was fueled by his connections to local politicians and law enforcement officials, and he was known for his brutal tactics and ability to evade the police.

He was killed in a police encounter in September 2021, bringing an end to his reign of terror. Prince Tewatia, a criminal with multiple cases against him, was reportedly killed in a gang war at Tihar Jail on April 15, 2023. He was stabbed to death, raising concerns about the security measures in Indian prisons.

Prince Tewatia Biography, Family, Ethnicity

End of Reign

In September 2021, Prince Tewatia, a notorious criminal with a history of multiple crimes, was killed in a police encounter in Muzaffarnagar. While some celebrated his death as a win for law and order, others mourned the loss of a powerful leader.

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