Burn Stove — Jikokoa Charcoal Stove Xtra

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More durable
Uses less charcoal
Improved efficiency
World’s No.1 cookstove

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The Jikokoa Charcoal Stove stands out as an efficient and innovative cooking solution, offering a range of advantages. Engineered for optimal fuel usage, it minimizes emissions and ensures even heat distribution for precise cooking.

Crafted from sturdy stainless steel, this stove guarantees durability and includes a heat shield to prevent accidental burns by keeping its outer surface cool.

Notably, the Jikokoa Charcoal Stove is celebrated for its eco-friendly design, advanced technology, and safety features, making it a sustainable and user-friendly choice for cooking while reducing environmental impact.


Weight 3.00 kg
Colour Black
Fuel Type Charcoal
Dimension 35cm x 33cm x30cm

The Jikokoa charcoal stove is engineered to significantly decrease fuel consumption by over 50% and reduce harmful emissions by more than 60% compared to traditional cooking methods. It cooks food twice as quickly while using only half the amount of charcoal.

Its advanced design incorporates a high-efficiency combustion chamber, lightweight ceramic insulation, and cool-touch handles, resulting in faster cooking, cleaner burning, and enhanced safety and affordability.