Quables Biography And Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Nationality, Occupation, Girlfriend

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His real name is, Ernest Kwablah while he is popularly known as Quables. He is a dancer and also a co-founder of DWP Academy in Ghana. Let’s look into his full biography and net worth below.

Quables Biography And Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Nationality, Occupation, Girlfriend

Wikipedia Profile & Background

Real Name: Ernest Quables Kwablah
Other Name: Quables
Date of Birth: 1992
Age: 30 years old @ 2022
Place of Birth: Kumasi, Ghana
Nationality: Ghanaian
Girlfriend – Wife: Unknown
Occupation: Dancer – Entrepreneur
Net Worth: < $200k
Record Label: DWP Academy (co-founder)
Education: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology – Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School, Legon
Parents: Unknown

Quables Biography

His real name is Ernest Kwablah, He is from Kumasi, a city in the Ashanti Region and one of Ghana’s largest metropolitan areas. He is a talent manager, entrepreneur, dancer, and also a enthusiast. Quables is among the four people whom founded the DWP Academy.

Education Background

It’s not such a bold claim for the young ‘Advertising Titan’ and KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) graduates to make, especially with the statistics and accolades to back it up. He also attended, Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School in Legon/Accra, Ghana.

Quables Biography And Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Nationality, Occupation, Girlfriend
Quables at young age

How Old Is Quables – Age

Quables might look younger, but i bet you that he is currently in his thirties. He was born in the year 1992. His date of birth and month of birth is remains undisclosed.

Where Is Quables From – State of Origin

He is Ghanaian from Kumasi, Kumasi is the historical Ashanti Empire’s commercial, industrial, and cultural capital, located in a rain forest region near Lake Bosomtwe.

Parents – Father & Mother

He haven’t said anything about his family neither parents on social media. but we promise to update you guys as soon as we get his parents background.

Quables Biography And Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Nationality, Occupation, Girlfriend

Girlfriend – Wife

Quables is currently dating a very beautiful and cute lady in Accra, but we are yet to know her name and lot’s more about her. We will update this post anytime we get more information about her.


He is in charge of the evocative DanceGod Lllyod, a melodic dance maestro who is putting Afrobeat dance on the map. And it doesn’t stop there; he also manages the talented painter, Chukwu the painter, Only Djay, and the Euphoric Dance With a Purpose academy.

When he’s not doing the the above, he’s creating content, strategizing, or brainstorming marketing ideas for his global audience at an advertising agency. (Don Draper would be envious of this inventive fellow.)

However, for him, making people happy and, in his own words, “being a positive force in the lives of other people” is the pinnacle of success. Quables embodies it all as a gym/healthy living enthusiast, entrepreneur, and member of a YouTube reality show.

Early Career

The young genius has established himself as a digital marketing expert, social media strategist, and talent manager extraordinaire, with a drive unlike anything we’ve seen in recent times.

Ernest ‘Quables’ Kwablah was a rising star in his own right prior to his newfound passion and managerial glory. He had already appeared in a number of TV commercials and even had his own self-produced YouTube series, “Who is Right?”

He was also a brand ambassador for MTN Pulse and Kit Kat, as well as an influencer for Lucozade, Nescafe Africa, SKY Girls Ghana, Men’s Grooming, and others. Tigo (now AirtelTigo) would also have their day in the sun with the sensation, with his infectious smile lighting up some of their billboards around Accra.

Quables Biography And Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Nationality, Occupation, Girlfriend

Co-founder of DWP Academy

But that was a long time ago. Quables has recently been pictured (figuratively) as a lighthouse for talented youth, guiding their futures into the successful arms of tomorrow.

This attitude of “being a positive force in other people’s lives,” as he puts it, has enabled him to effectively manage and preside over the successes of Dancegod Lloyd, Afrobeast, D Jay, Afronitaaa, and Chukwu the Painter, to name a few.

Through the lens of q17 Dynasty and the co-founded Dance with a Purpose (DWP) Academy, he has successfully realized this dream. Quables, an alumnus of Legon PRESEC and KNUST, credits his current abilities to his friendship with long-time friend and dance virtuoso, Dancegod Lloyd: “We go way back to PRESEC, Laud and I.

“He convinced me to manage him and fellow dancer Afrobeast, and I’m glad it was an offer I couldn’t refuse,” Quables said over the phone. “A lot has changed since we started this journey in 2016.”


We co-founded the charitable DWP Academy together, I believe in 2017, and it has served as the most visible symbol of our working relationship thus far. The next thing you know, Laud is dancing with Beyoncé, and I’m managing more artists. “A true success story.”

Today, the advent of social media has altered our perception of showbiz, and capable individuals such as Quables are using it to re-imagine the status quo. This provides him with an ideal opportunity to not only consolidate but also represent the scores of young talents whose desire to pursue their dreams and aspirations may be stifled.

Finally, he believes that all of this ambition can be properly channeled and used to give Ghana a distinct facelift in the world of entertainment. Until then, Ernest ‘Quables’ Kwablah is content to gather the talk of tomorrow and serve their interests today, as any good leader would.

Net Worth

Ernest Kwablah is expected to be worth not less than $200k. Follow Ernest ‘Quables’ Kwablah on social media (Twitter, Instagram: @quables) to avoid missing out on Ghana’s next big thing.

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