Richard Simmons Biography: Read The Full Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Early Life and Background of Richard Simmons

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Richard Simmons, born on July 12, 1948, is a famous American fitness personality. He is known for his energetic and lively personality, as well as his weight-loss programs and exercise videos. In the 80s, many people knew who he was.

Although Simmons doesn’t talk much about his personal life, some people have wondered about his romantic life and if he likes men or women.

This article tells you about Simmons’ life story, how old he is, where he comes from, what he learned in school, what his personal life is like, how much money he has, and how successful he has been in the fitness industry.

Richard Simmons Biography

Richard Simmons, whose real name is Milton Teagle Simmons, is an American fitness expert and well-known public figure. He is famous for being lively and full of energy.

Simmons became widely known for his programs that help people lose weight and his popular aerobics videos called Sweatin’ to the Oldies. He has been a prominent figure in the fitness industry for many years, encouraging people to stay healthy and active.

Age | Nationality | Ethnicity

He was born on July 12, 1948, making him currently 74 years old. Richard Simmons is an American national and his ethnicity is reported to be a mix of Russian Jewish and various other backgrounds.

Family Background | Early Life

Simmons was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to parents Leonard and Shirley. His father worked as a host and later in second-hand stores, while his mother was a dancer and sold cosmetics. Simmons grew up in the lively French Quarter of New Orleans, surrounded by a family that loved show business.

Education | Early Career

Simmons went to Cor Jesu High School and later attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He finished his studies at Florida State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in art.

In his younger years, Simmons acted in movies like Satyricon (1968) and The Clowns (1970) by Fellini. He faced challenges with his weight from an early age and reached a highest weight of 268 pounds (122 kg).

Wife and Children

Richard Simmons has never been married and is not known to be dating anyone. He has chosen to keep his romantic life private, and no information about a spouse or children is publicly available.

Read The Full Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Early Life and Background of Richard Simmons


Richard Simmons became famous in the 80s because of his exercise programs and workout videos. He opened his gym called Slimmons in Beverly Hills, California, where he helped people who were struggling with weight problems.

Simmons appeared on TV shows and became well-known for his exercise videos called “Sweatin’ to the Oldies.” These videos had fun exercises set to old music, and people loved them.

Besides his work in fitness, Simmons also cared about promoting health and fitness. He wrote books about staying healthy and encouraged others to do the same. In 1982, he bought a big house in Los Angeles for $670,000, and now it is worth around $6-8 million.

In recent years, Richard Simmons has chosen to be less public. He hasn’t made many public appearances since 2014. People have wondered about his well-being and where he is, but Simmons and his spokesperson have always said that he wants to live a more private life.

Net Worth

As of 2022-2023, Richard Simmons is believed to have a net worth of $20 million. He has earned a significant amount of money through his successful career as a fitness personality, coach, and actor, as well as his business ventures.

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