Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo Biography And Net Worth, State, Religion, Tribe, Wife, Children

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In Nigeria’s 9th National Assembly, Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo also known as Cliff, is the senator for Adamawa North Senatorial District, which is in Adamawa State, from 11th day of  June 2019 – 2023.

Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo Biography And Net Worth, State, Religion, Tribe, Wife

Wikipedia Profile & Background

Real Name: Ishaku Elisha Abbo
Other Name: SIA – Cliff
Date of Birth: 1983
Age: 39 years old @ 2022
State of Origin: Adamawa State, Nigeria
Place of Birth: Mubi North
Nationality: Nigerian
Wife: Mrs Jennifer Ishaku Abbo
Occupation: Politician
Net Worth: < $1 million
Political Party: APC (All Progressive Congress)
Education: No Rec.
Parents: Unknown

Elisha Cliff Ishaku Abbo, who currently serves as the senator for Nigeria’s higher legislative body and represents the Adamawa northern senatorial zone, is, in fact, the youngest senator currently serving in Nigeria’s National Assembly. Let’s read his full biography and net worth below.

Senator Elisha Abbo Biography

Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo also known as Cliff, is a Nigerian politician who was born in the city of Mubi North in Nigeria. In the 9th National Assembly of Nigeria, he is the senator who represents the Adamawa North Senatorial District, which is located in the state of Adamawa, North East part of Nigeria.

Cliff was victorious in the race for the Senate seat representing Adamawa North on February 23, 2019, after receiving 79,337 votes to defeat Binta Masi Garba, who was serving in that capacity at the time.

The Adamawa Celebrities & Achievers Awards bestowed the “Beacon of Hope” Award to Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo in the year 2019, and he was one of the recipients of this honor. ((

Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo Biography

Wife – Children

His wife’s name is Jennifer Ishaku Abbo, and she is a Mrs. They tied the knot prior to him taking office, and she supported him all the way through his political efforts in the Adamawa state northern senatorial zone.

Premium Times, a prominent online media company, aired a video of Senator Elisha Cliff Ishaku Abbo slapping a sex toy shop saleswoman shortly after his election. Senator Abbo was filmed hitting the saleswoman. Social media erupted. Senator Abbo was arrested after public pressure. After investigations, he was given bail and the case was presented to court.

His stunning wife remained at her husband’s side through all of the turmoil. At the present time, Senator Elisha Cliff Ishaku Abbo and his wife, Jennifer Ishaku Abbo, are still together and have two thriving children. ((

Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo, Wife, Children

Age – Date of Birth

The Nigerian politician, Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo also known as Cliff, was born in the year, 1983 in Mubi North local government area of Adamawa State, Nigeria. He is currently at the age of 39 years old. He will be 40 years old in the year, 2023.

Political Career

Gombi, Mubi North, Mubi South, Maiha, Michika, and Madagali federal constituencies are some of the many local governments that Senator Elisha Cliff Abbo represents in the northern zone of Adamawa. Other federal constituencies that he is responsible for include Madagali.

Jennifer Abbo, the candidate’s wife, was a significant aid to her husband during his run for office, serving as a rallying point for the Northern senatorial zone of Adamawa state and providing him with tremendous support.

Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo Biography

2019 Controversies

In May of 2019, Abbo assaulted a female customer when he was shopping at an adult toy store in Abuja. When Abbo stepped into the store with three women to buy some toys, the proprietor of the store allegedly yelled at him and called him a “dunk,” according to the claims.

The video footage was obtained by Premium Times, and it shows Abbo repeatedly hitting the store owner while his security guard makes an attempt to arrest the business owner.

After Abbo assaulted the shop owner, he later claimed that he was “agitated by the unexpected illness of one of his girls” and accused the shop owner of poisoning the air-conditioning system. Abbo’s justification came after Abbo had accused the shop owner of poisoning the air-conditioning system.

In September of 2020, the Federal Capital Territory High Court in Maitama threw down the lawsuit on the grounds that the police had not pursued the case with sufficient vigor.

The lawsuit was reexamined in September of 2020 before a magistrate court located in Zuba, Abuja. During this reexamination, video footage evidence of the occurrence was presented as part of the evidence. After being found guilty, Abbo was sentenced to pay the shop’s owner, Osimibibra Warmate, the sum of fifty million naira.

Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo Biography And Net Worth, State, Religion, Tribe, Wife

Controversies In 2023

On Tuesday, Justice Mohammed Danladi removed Senator Ishaku Abbo as the APC’s Adamawa North senatorial candidate for this year’s election. Senator Abbo was sacked by the court after his Mubi North ward in Adamawa expelled him from the party.

Justice Danladi decided that the Senator and APC are bound by the All Progressive Congress (APC) Mubi North Local government chapter’s executive’s October 7, 2022, expulsion of him from the party. The court also ruled that Senator Abbo is not entitled to APC benefits. On October 7, 2022, the party’s Mubi North LG executive agreed with the disciplinary committee to expel the Senator.

Senator Ishaku Elisha Abbo Biography And Net Worth, State, Religion, Tribe, Wife

Termination In The General Election

The court also barred the senator’s party, APC, from nominating him for the next general election. Sen. Abbo was also barred from pretending to be the party’s Northern Senatorial District general election candidate. The plaintiff’s counsel demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt, and Justice Danladi was pleased with the case. He stated Senator could have defended himself but he didn’t.

He noted the plaintiffs’ decision to sue the Senator is not an internal party affair and that they have the right to sue him as party members. Two APC members, Abdullahi Suleiman and Yusha’u Usman of Kolere and Sabon Layi Wards, Mubi North LGA, sued the Senator to explain his APC status. ((

The plaintiffs’ counsel, Abubakar Ali Esq., commended the court and said the ruling will halt party members who do wrong and think they’re above the party. The defendant’s lawyer, E. O. Odo, said he would inform his client of the court’s verdict and appeal to the Court of Appeal if the client agreed.

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