Seun Ajayi Biography, Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Children, Parents, Family, Movie

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Seun Ajayi, a Nigerian actor, voice-over artist, and master of ceremonies, gained fame for his impactful roles, notably in the TV series “Hustle.” Born on March 31 in Kaduna, Nigeria, he is the youngest of five siblings.

At the age of nine, his family relocated to Lagos, where he completed his primary, secondary, and tertiary education at the University of Lagos. Ajayi’s impressive career includes notable TV series like “Hustle,” “Gidi Up,” “The Smart Money Woman,” and “Becoming Abi.”

In the film industry, he has contributed to productions such as “Ojukokoro (Greed),” “Suru L’ere (2016),” “Black Val (2016),” “God Calling,” “93 Days,” “The Ghost and The House of Truth,” “The Lost Okoroshi,” and the short film “Ije Awele.”

His talent has earned him accolades, including Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, Best Actor in a Comedy Series at the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards, and Revelation of the Year at the City People Movie Awards.

Seun Ajayi’s roots trace back to Ijebu Ibefun in Ogun State, Nigeria. His impact on the small screen, particularly in “Hustle,” has solidified his presence in Nollywood.

Seun Ajayi Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Children,
Real Name:Seun Ajayi
Date of Birth:31 of March, 1985
Age:38 years old @ 2023
State of Origin:Ogun State, Nigeria
Place of Birth:Kaduna State
Wife:Damilola Oluwabiyi (m. 9th September, 2017)
Net Worth:$400k US Dollars
Education:University of Lagos (bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts)
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Seun Ajayi Biography

Seun Ajayi is a Nigerian nollywood actor, and master of ceremonies. He is a native of Ijebu Ibefun, Ogun State, Nigeria. He is well-known for his performance in the TV series Hustle.

Ajayi was born on March 31, in Kaduna, Nigeria’s northern region, as the last born out of five siblings. When he was nine years old, his family relocated to Lagos. His father is a retired government servant, and his mother is an entrepreneur.

He received his basic and secondary education in Lagos, as well as his tertiary education at the University of Lagos, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts.

Seun Ajayi Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Children,

Wife and Children

On September 9, 2017, Ajayi married Damilola Oluwabiyi. A video of Ajayi dancing joyously after revealing his wife at their wedding went viral. He and his wife welcomed their first child, a boy, in January 2019. (( The actor welcomes his second baby on 13 Jan 2021. ((

Real Age and Date of Birth

The nollywood actor was born on the 31 of March, 1985 in Kaduna State, Nigeria. He is currently at the age of 38 years old (as of 2023).

State of Origin and Place of Birth

The actor was born in Kaduna State, Nigeria and his state of origin is Ogun State, Nigeria. His parents are from Ijebu Ibefun, village in Ogun state.

Seun Ajayi Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Children,

Seun Ajayi Net Worth

He is believed to be worth $400,000, which comes from acting and voice over work. He also makes a lot of money working as a brand ambassador.

Seun Ajayi also makes short films for which he receives undetermined royalty. He is also incredibly popular on social media, which presents another revenue prospect.


His recognizable and calming voice appears to be his strongest attribute and biggest career asset. Seun Ajayi is a fantastic actor and voice artist. He is also incredibly dynamic, which allows him to excel in a wide range of roles and circumstances.

He has appeared in both Yoruba and English language films, and he has performed a wide range of characters. He has appeared in both television soap operas and feature films. He has made various short videos, some of which have gone viral, and some of which have been widely disseminated on the internet.

Seun Ajayi is a notable talent; his voice and ability to produce various local accents—and even foreign accents—make him one of the most intriguing figures in the Nigerian film business. He has demonstrated his talent in a variety of roles.

Seun Ajayi Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Children,

In Conclusion

Seun Ajayi biography and net worth conclusion: Seun Ajayi is well-known. He works as an actor, voice actor, master of ceremonies, and event host. He is also well-known on social media, where he is an influencer.

He has won many nominations for best supporting actor in a movie and best actor in an original comedy series at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) and the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards, respectively.

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