Sheikh Abdullah Kamal: A Quran Reciter and Scholar Who Left an Enduring Legacy

Sheikh Abdullah Kamal was an Egyptian scholar and Quran reciter who was born in 1985. Despite being blind from birth, [1] he dedicated his life to studying and teaching the Quran.

To memorize the entire Quran, he used the Louis Braille system, which allowed him to read by touch. His story is an inspiration to many. [2]

Sheikh Abdullah Kamal Biography and Net Worth, Family, Age, Wife, Nationality, Parents, Education

Early Life and Education

Sheikh Abdullah Kamal was a blind scholar born in Egypt in 1985. He worked hard and got a degree from Al Fayoum University in 2005. After that, he became a faculty member at Dar Al Uloom in Egypt. [3]

Career and Achievements

Sheikh Abdullah Kamal was a famous figure in Egypt and the global Islamic community. He held many positions in mosques and universities, and was active in the media. He offered courses on the Al Rahma channel and hosted two TV shows: Nabadat Al Shaeir and Al Muqri’at on the Al Nass channel.

He was known for his talent in Quran recitation, which moved many to tears. His beautiful tilawah attracted large crowds to offer Salaah peacefully. He led Taraweeh prayers in the Badr Al Islami Mosque and attended classes there once a week.

Additionally, he worked as a speaker in a mosque in Al Kiman. Sheikh Abdullah Kamal’s talent was recognized when he won the first place in a contest named Mizmar Al Dawud held by the TV network Fajr.

Sheikh Abdullah Kamal Biography and Net Worth

Sheikh Abdullah Kamal’s Legacy

Sheikh Abdullah Kamal passed away at 38, leaving a huge void in the Islamic community. People paid tribute to him on social media.

He will always be remembered for his devotion to the Holy Quran and his inspiring life. He proved that physical limitations can be overcome, and great things can be achieved.

Innā Lillahi Wahinā Ilehi Rājihun.

May Allah grant him the highest rank in Jannah and give his family and loved one’s patience.

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