Sina Rambo, Davido’s couSina, has been accused of domestic violence by his wife, Heidi Dagmar Korth. Let’s look into her full biography, Nationality and net worth below.

Shina Rambo Wife Biography And Nationality, Heidi Dagmar Korth Net Worth

Sina Rambo Wife Biography

Sina Adeleke, better known by his stage name Sinaa Rambo, is a talented musician who is married to Heidi Dagmar Korth, a model who was born in Germany.

Despite the fact that she is a mother to her child by herself, this is the case. The two first became acquainted with one another in the United States, where the Sinager was living prior to moving to Nigeria to pursue a career in music there.

They had been seeing each other for some time before the Sinager made his proposal. They held their civil wedding in October 2021 and their traditional wedding in November 2021 in the state of Lagos. Both ceremonies took place in Lagos.

Nationality | Is She a Nigerian

Heidi Dagmar Korth was a German model, born in Germany before moving to Nigeria after their wedding with Sina Rambo.

She is practically a Nigerian and also a German now. But they are divorced with her husband after she claim of Domestic Violence from her husband.

Sina Rambo Marriage

The rapper Sina Rambo and the woman he is marrying, Heidi Dagmar Korth, had the ceremony to introduce themselves to their guests on November 20.

The moment when Sina Rambo’s rich uncle, Adedeji Adeleke, who is also Davido’s father, gave several sacks of money to his in-laws was one of the highlights of the ceremony. Adedeji Adeleke is Davido’s father.

Below is a video that will show you the exact moment that the money was distributed.

Not much is known about her full biography. In case you have more details about her, do not hesitate to drop it in the comment sections below.

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