Sophie Arvebrink was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She is a well-known bodybuilder and exercise instructor. She grew up in a home where sports were always a big part of life. But there is no knowledge about who her family members are.

Sophie Arvebrink Biography

Sophie Arvebrink was born in the Swedish capital of Stockholm on September 7, 1991. [1] Her family has a lot of experience with sports, and her father was a famous athlete when he was younger. [2] Sophie’s mom is from Sweden, but we don’t know what she does or what her name is.

Sophie Arvebrink Biography and Net Worth, Biodata, Age, Family, Husband, Married, Parents, Ethnicity, Nationality

Personal Life

Sophie doesn’t like to talk about her private life. She hadn’t told anyone about her relationships until she recently posted a photo of herself kissing the love of her life. But there isn’t much information about her boyfriend other than the fact that he works at the same gym as she does and that they’ve been together since January 2019.

In 2016, it was said that Sophie was seeing her trainer. They met at the gym and helped her out before they started dating. After they broke up, they dated for more than six months, which seems to have been because of jealousy problems.

Arvebrink’s Childhood | Fitness Journey

As a kid, Sophie didn’t like sports, and her parents didn’t make her do anything she didn’t want to. But as time went on, she realized she didn’t like her body and chose to change it after she graduated from high school.

She joined a neighborhood gym and paid for a membership. She started working out every day with the goal of becoming a fitness model. She worked out for two years to get her body to look the way she wanted it to.

Sophie Arvebrink Biography and Net Worth, Biodata, Age, Family, Husband

Arvebrink’s Rise to Fame

Sophie made an Instagram profile where she posted pictures of her daily progress. Every day, she got more and more friends, and she became a big deal on the internet.

By the time she was 22, she had a lot of followers on Instagram, and a modeling agent later asked her if she would like to pose for a fitness website he worked for. Sophie was interested in the offer, so she said yes and ended up on the cover.

She started her work as a fitness model, and since then she has been on the covers of many fitness magazines and posed for many well-known brands and businesses. Sophie is a personal trainer now, and her dream is to open her own gym.

Measurements | Physical Appearance

Sophie is a beautiful woman whose body is in great shape. She is about 68 kg and is about 1.6 meters tall. Her body size is 34-26-38 inches. She has black eyes and long blonde hair.

Net Worth

Sophie Arvebrink has a $1 million net worth. Her fitness job as a personal trainer and as a model for ads is her main source of income. She is also on social media, especially Instagram, where she has more than 930k fans.

Sophie Arvebrink Biography and Net Worth

In Conclusion

Sophie Arvebrink is an example for many people who want to get in shape. She is well-known in the fitness business, and her journey continues to inspire others. She has become a well-known fitness model and lifter because she has worked hard and stuck to her goals.

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