Steve Crocodile Fitch, a prominent figure in the world of boxing as Mike Tyson’s personal cheerleader and trainer, has sadly passed away. This biography pays tribute to his contributions and sheds light on his remarkable career.

Early Life and Background

Steve Fitch, also known as “Crocodile,” was close to Mike Tyson as they both grew up in Ohio. During his career, Fitch was Tyson’s main trainer and coach. [1]

Although he looked intimidating, often dressed in military clothing and sunglasses, Fitch was known to be gentle and compassionate. He devoted his time to teaching fitness and exercise training to seniors in his church and nursing homes.

Impact as Tyson’s Cheerleader

Steve “Crocodile” Fitch gained media attention for his unique way of supporting Mike Tyson during pre-fight posturing by mimicking slitting his throat. He would also show his strength by effortlessly lifting Tyson with a single arm after he regained the championship.

Ringside Presence and Memorable Moments

Steve “Crocodile” Fitch was always present at Mike Tyson’s important fights, wearing his distinct military attire. He became a vital part of Tyson’s boxing journey.

At a Las Vegas casino in 1996, Fitch caught the attention of Frank Bruno, who was Tyson’s opponent at the time, by pointing at his throat in a threatening manner. This action showcased Fitch’s unwavering commitment to Tyson’s triumph.

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Personal Life and Demise

Steve “Crocodile” Fitch was a private individual, and not much is known about his personal life. Sadly, his sister announced on Facebook that he had passed away, leaving the boxing world and fans saddened.

The reason for his death is not yet known, and news outlets are trying to contact his family for further information. We will update as soon as we have more information about the cause of his death.

Net Worth

He was often seen at Tyson’s fights, wearing military-style clothing and making intimidating gestures towards Tyson’s opponents. Fitch was reportedly paid $300,000 by Tyson for his services. [2]

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