Sunmisola Agbebi Biography and Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, State, Family, Child, Husband, Education

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Omo’ba ‘Peju Akinyemi, who was highly happy with Sunmisola Agbebi performance, he rewarded her with a monetary prize of 50,000 naira since she felt she deserved it.

Her talent, as stated by the “Founder and CEO, of Ikorodu Oga Radio,” is a source of motivation for young men all around the country. Let’s read her full biography and net worth, biodata and Wikipedia profile below.

Wikipedia Profile & Background

Real Name: Sunmisola Agbebi
Date of Birth: 2nd May 1999
Age: 24 years old @ 2022
State of Origin: Oyo State, Nigeria
Place of Birth: Lagos State
Nationality: Nigerian
Husband: Yinka Okeleye
Occupation: Gospel Singer
Net Worth: < $20k

Sunmisola Agbebi Biography

Sunmisola Agbebi is a powerful female gospel singer with a voice that has a melodic flow. She gave her first performance when she was only four years old and hasn’t stopped singing since then.

Nigerian gospel singer Sunmisola Agbebi has one of the most recognizable voices in the music industry and is swiftly climbing the ranks to become one of the most successful artists in her genre.

After being declared as the master winner of the Ikorodu Radio Music Challenge in the year 2017, Sunmisola shot to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

Sunmisola Agbebi Biography And Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, State

Educational Background

The Nigerian Gospel singer’s educational background: her high school, college and more about her education remains private to her. Meanwhile, we promise to update this page as soon as we get any detail about her educations.

Age | Date of Birth

Sunmisola was born in 1999, she is currently at the age of 24 years old. She will turn 25 years old this year, 2023. Her birthday is always on the 2nd of May every year.

Sunmisola Agbebi Biography And Net Worth, Boyfriend, Education

State of Origin | Place of Birth

Sunmisola was born in Lagos State, but originally from Oyo State, Nigeria. Oyo State is a southern Nigerian inland state. Its capital is Ibadan, the country’s third most populous metropolis and formerly Africa’s second most populous city.

Husband | Children

Gospel singers Yinka Okeleye and Sunmisola Agbebi are engaged! Yinka proposed to Sunmisola in a private ceremony, and she happily said yes. Yinka shared the news on Instagram with a video and a caption expressing his love and gratitude.

Sunmisola Agbebi Biography And Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, State, Family

Is Sunmisola Agbebi Married

Based on our research and findings on google, it seems the gospel singer is about to get married to Yinka Okeleye.


Minister Sunmisola has participated in a number of gospel competitions and won a lot of awards in those events. She launched her first single, titled “Amazing,” in November of 2020, which has been a godsend up till the present time.

She is a preacher who spreads the message of salvation via the church using her enchanting voice and generous spirit. After the publication of her smash hit “Koseunti,” she came to the attention of the public.

To the glory of God and the edification of His church, Minister Sunmisola Agbebi, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, has birthed this sound and many others to the edification of His body. This sound is a variation of the ancient Christ Apostolic Church Worship song.

Sunmisola Agbebi Biography And Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, State, Family, Child, Boyfriend, Education

At the moment, she does not have an album. Despite this, the rising gospel singer has previously recorded a cover of songs sung by a wide range of well-known performers in the world.

Net Worth

It is believed that Sunmisola Agbebi has a net worth of below or above $20,000. It is common knowledge that she earns her money through stage performance and singing for the gospel.

Songs | Albums

  • 2020: “Amazing”
  • 2022: “Koseunti”
  • 2022: “Moment of Worship”
  • 2022: “My Daddy My Daddy” (featuring Pastor Lawrence Oyor)
  • 2022: “More than A Song” (cover)
  • 2022: “Worship Season”
  • 2022: “Deep Soaking Prophetic”

Thank you for reading her full biography and net worth, you can as well read the full Wikipedia and more information about (Shenty Feliziana). She is gifted in the areas of acting, television hosting, music production, and singing.

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