Earn Money Online: Legit Ways to Earn Extra Income Online in Nigeria

With the rise of internet and technology spaces, there more opportunities than ever to earn extra income online, most especially in Nigeria. We will provide you with the legit ways to earn and have a plan B source of income for yourself. Earning a living with only salary work isn’t enough to survive most especially […]

AfriGo Card: How to Get AfriGo Card

The Central Bank of Nigeria’s Governor, Godwin Emefiele, has announced the launch of a new card, known as the “AfriGo Card.” Let’s work you through on how to get one, and how to use it. It will function similarly to other international payment cards. The card is being developed by AfriGopay Financial Services Limited, an […]

Glo MoneyMaster PSB: All You Need to Know About MoneyMaster PSB Limited

Experience a new way of managing your finances by opening a digital bank account with Glo MoneyMaster PSB, Payment Service Bank (PSB). Below is a brief introduction about the new Mobile wallet. Say goodbye to traditional banking methods and hello to convenience and ease. Upgrade your banking experience today. MoneyMaster PSB payment options are safe […]

G-Kala Wallet: All You Need to Know About G-Kala Wallet

You want to know how G-Kala wallet works? Don’t worry you are in the safest place to know more about the new wallet. We will tell you it’s functions and how it works. Nigerian individuals with personal and business bank accounts received a message from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), telling their citizens to dial […]