Taiwo Adeyemi Biography And Net Worth, Nollywood Actor, Age, Wife, Girlfriend, State

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Taiwo Adeyemi full name is, Taiwo Adeyemi Peter Abefe Okikiola. He is a well-known and rapidly rising star in nollywood industry. Let’s look into his full biography and net worth below.

Taiwo Adeyemi Biography And Net Worth

Wikipedia Profile & Background

Real Name: Taiwo Adeyemi Peter Abefe Okikiola
Date of Birth: March 18, 1995
Age: 37 years old @ 2022
State of Origin: Lagos State, Nigeria
Place of Birth: Southwestern State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Girlfriend – Wife: Unknown
Occupation: Actor
Net Worth: < $400k
Religion: Christian
Education: National Open University (Environmental Science and Resource Management)
Parents: Unknown

Taiwo Adeyemi Biography

Peter Abefe Okikiola attended, Tessco Montessori School in Olanode Alogomeji, Yaba, and Livingstone College in Ikorodu, both located in Lagos State, Nigeria. He has built a reputation for himself as an actor, environmentalist, and model who was born in Yoruba kingdom.

He wanted to become a doctor., he received his education in Environmental Science and Resource Management from National Open University, which he received while attending Whitefield College in Festac Town, Lagos.

Taiwo Adeyemi Biography And Net Worth, Nollywood Actor, Age, Wife

Age – Date of Birth

How Old Is Taiwo Adeyemi; The nollywood actor was born on the, March 18, 1995. He is currently at the age of, 27 years old.

Family – Parents

He was a twin, but his twin brother died when they were only 3 years old. For more than 8 years, he was the only child in his family. He got everything he wanted in the end. When he was young, he had three other siblings.

In 2014, he began acting, and the first film he was in was called George Brown. Taiwo Adeyemi is single right now, and he is not seen with anyone in public. He has won a few awards and been nominated for more.

Girlfriend – Wife

Taiwo Adeyemi has not yet tied the knot with anyone. It is believed that he is in a relationship, but he does not make any effort to flaunt it on social media. He is a vigorous man.

Taiwo Adeyemi Biography And Net Worth, Nollywood Actor, Age, Wife, Girlfriend, State


Taiwo Adeyemi debuted as an actor in the film “George Brown,” which was released in 2015, marking the beginning of his acting career. Since then, he has been in a significant number of movies from both Nollywood and Yoruba. The nollywood actor is a Yoruba star in Nollywood who has a great look, is innovative, and possesses a lot of talent.

He has a natural aptitude for portraying characters in films, and it is precisely because of this singular ability that he stands out as an excellent and accomplished actor among his peers in the profession. He is well-known for acting in Yoruba films as well as English films.

Net Worth

He is worth less than, $400k. Taiwo has been nominated for a lot of awards, including 2018 Nollywood’s New Hunk at the Maya Awards and 2018 Nominee for Best Actor of the Year (Yoruba) at the City People Awards.

He was also nominated for the Oduduwa Movie Awards’ Most Fashionable Actor of the Year award and the Emperor’s Awards’ Discovery of the Year award.

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