Is Thanasi Kokkinakis Married? Thanasi Kokkinakis Biography, Net Worth, Family, Parents, Ethnicity, Nationality, Background, Career

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Thanasi Kokkinakis is an Australian professional tennis player who has made a name for himself in the world of tennis. In this article, we will delve into his life and career, from his early days to his current achievements.

Join us as we explore his biography, including details about his age, nationality, family background, education, personal life, career, net worth, and more.

Thanasi Kokkinakis Biography

Athanasios “Thanasi” Kokkinakis, born on April 10, 1996, is an Australian tennis player known for his impressive skills on the court. He has achieved significant success in both singles and doubles matches, making a mark in the tennis world.

Age and Date of Birth

Thanasi Kokkinakis was born on April 10, 1996, which means he is currently 27 years old.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Kokkinakis is proudly Australian, representing his country in various tennis tournaments worldwide. He also has Greek heritage, with his parents, Trevor and Voula, immigrating from Kalamata and Tripoli in Greece, respectively.

Family Background and Early Life

Thanasi Kokkinakis was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. Growing up, he attended Scotch College, receiving his education while also nurturing his passion for tennis. His parents played a crucial role in supporting his tennis career, and their Greek heritage influenced his upbringing.

Education Background

Kokkinakis pursued his education at Scotch College in Adelaide, where he balanced his academics with his tennis training. While his focus primarily shifted to his tennis career, he managed to maintain a well-rounded education.

Personal Life: Girlfriend | Is Thanasi Kokkinakis Married?

Australian tennis player, Thanasi Kokkinakis, revealed his girlfriend, Hannah Dal Sasso, to the public in March 2023. Hannah Dal Sasso is a well-known influencer on social media from Australia.

This is the first time Kokkinakis has made his relationship public, putting an end to speculations about his feelings for Elena Rybakina. As of May 2023, Kokkinakis and Hannah Dal Sasso are still together.

Thanasi Kokkinakis Biography, Net Worth, Family, Parents, Ethnicity, Nationality, Background, Career
📸 Source: Yahoo Sport Australia – Thanasi Kokkinakis


Thanasi Kokkinakis has had an eventful career, marked by both successes and challenges. As a junior player, he reached a career-high ranking of No. 10 in the world. In 2013, he won the doubles title at the Wimbledon Championships with his partner Nick Kyrgios, showcasing his potential on the tennis circuit.

In the professional realm, Kokkinakis broke into the top 100 in 2015, reaching a career-high ranking of No. 69 in singles and No. 15 in doubles. Throughout his career, he has won several titles, including one ATP Tour title in singles and three titles in doubles.

His notable performances include reaching the third round of the 2015 French Open and the fourth round of the 2015 Indian Wells Masters. Despite facing injuries and setbacks, Kokkinakis has made impressive comebacks.

In 2022, he won the Australian Open doubles title alongside Nick Kyrgios, thrilling his home crowd. He has also represented Australia in team competitions such as the Davis Cup, reaching the final in 2022.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Thanasi Kokkinakis has an estimated net worth of $14 million. However, there are conflicting sources that state his net worth to be $5 million.

His major sources of income come from tennis prize money and endorsements. Additionally, he owns an impressive Adelaide mansion and a sports car, further contributing to his net worth.

Thanasi Kokkinakis WIkipedia Biodata

  • Name: Thanasi Kokkinakis
  • Full Name: Athanasios Kokkinakis
  • Date of Birth: April 10, 1996
  • Girlfriend: Hannah Dal Sasso
  • Age: 27 years old (as of 2023)
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Ethnicity: Greek-Australian
  • Family: Parents – Trevor and Voula Kokkinakis
  • Place of Birth: Adelaide, South Australia
  • Education: Attended Scotch College in Adelaide
  • Net Worth: Estimated to be around $14 million (conflicting sources suggest $5 million)

In Conclusion

Thanasi Kokkinakis, the talented Australian tennis player, has made significant strides in his career, showcasing his skills on both the singles and doubles courts.

Please note that the information provided in this article is based on the available information on the internet and may be subject to change or further updated.

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