Top 10 Contestants for Nigerian Idol 2023 Season 8, Profiles, Names, and Photos

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The exciting Nigerian Idol Season 8 is now in full swing, and the competition has reached an exhilarating stage. Let’s check out their names, profiles, and photos of the top 10 Nigerian Idol contestants below.

The stage is set, and these talented individuals are ready to showcase their skills, passion, and dedication in the live shows. It’s now up to the viewers to support their favorite contestants and vote for the most deserving Nigerian Idol.

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Top 10 Contestants for Nigerian Idol 2023 Season 8

Following the challenging Theatre Week, the judges have chosen the top 10 contestants who will showcase their exceptional talent and compete for the prestigious title. Let’s meet these remarkable performers who have earned a place in the highly anticipated top 10.

  • Savvy Henry
  • Constance
  • Precious Mac
  • Victory
  • Ose Daniel
  • Goodness
  • Abraham
  • Reigny
  • Quest
  • Chisom
Top 10 Contestants for Nigerian Idol 2023 Season 8, Profiles, Names, and Photos
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Savvy Henry

Savvy Henry, a determined contestant who did not make it to the live shows in Season 7, has proven his resilience and passion for music.

His impressive rendition of Davido’s track “Para” earned him the first slot in the top 10 for Season 8. Savvy’s unwavering pursuit of his dreams serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists.


At just 17 years old, Constance is the youngest contestant in this season’s lineup. Her remarkable performance of “Positions” by Ariana Grande secured her a deserving place in the top 10. Despite her age, Constance exudes confidence and is ready to face the pressure of the live shows head-on.

Precious Mac

Music flows through the veins of the Mac family, and Precious Mac has upheld her family’s musical legacy with her brilliant performance of “Ayo” by Simi.

This talented contestant impressed the judges with her exceptional control over notes and vocals, promising an exciting journey on the live shows. Keep an eye on Precious Mac as she delivers unforgettable performances.


Victory, a lawyer with a hidden talent, triumphed once again with his superb rendition of “No Shaking” by 2 Face. Despite his reserved personality, Victory’s exceptional vocal prowess left the judges astounded.

As he takes the stage in the live shows, expect to witness his powerful performances that will leave a lasting impact.

Ose Daniel

Ose Daniel’s dedication and hard work have paid off, earning him a spot among the top 10 contestants. His smooth rendition of “Catch Me If You Can” by Adekunle Gold showcased his beautiful voice and impressive skills.

Esteemed vocal coach Simi considers Ose Daniel one of the top voices of the season, setting high expectations for his future performances.


Goodness, faced with the challenge of performing an unfamiliar song titled “About Damn Time” by Lizzo, triumphed with her determination and vocal prowess.

Although the song was outside her comfort zone, Goodness showcased her powerful voice and energy, impressing the judges. Her versatility and resilience make her an artist to watch out for in the live shows.


Abraham, who charmed the viewers with his lighthearted demeanor during the season premiere, secured his place in the top 10 with a brilliant performance of “Under The Influence” by Chris Brown. His infectious enthusiasm combined with his exceptional talent promises an exciting journey in the live shows.


Reigny, who humorously refers to herself as the “shortest model,” showcased her talent with a captivating performance of “Karma” by Summer Walker.

Her unique style and impressive vocals earned her a well-deserved spot in the top 10. Expect Reigny to deliver mesmerizing performances that showcase her individuality.


Quest, highly praised by her vocal coach, captivated the judges with her rendition of “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus. Her soulful performance showcased her versatility and vocal range, leaving a lasting impression on the judges. Keep an eye on Quest as she continues to mesmerize the audience with her talent and passion.


Chisom, who narrowly missed out on the final Theatre Week in the 7th season, redeemed himself with an exceptional performance of “Unholy” by Sam Smith.

Despite feeling challenged by the song’s unfamiliar lyrics, Chisom delivered a performance that impressed both the judges and fellow contestant D’banj. Chisom’s determination and resilience make him a force to be reckoned with in the live shows.

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