Troy Clendenin Biography and Net Worth, Family, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Children

Mia Gradney Husband: Troy Clendenin Biography and Net Worth, Family, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Children

Meet Troy Clendenin, who is recognized as the husband of Mia Gradney, and they tied the knot on November 10, 2001, in 101 County, Texas. Let’s read more about him and marital life with his wife below.


Not much is known about Troy Clendenin’s personal life. He hasn’t shared any information about his parents, siblings, or educational background. However, he’s believed to be an American and is currently doing great in life.

Troy Clendenin Biography and Net Worth, Family, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Children

Troy Clendenin Biography

Troy Clendenin is an American and is doing well, but his birthdate and personal information are not known as he hasn’t shared it with the media. So, his age, zodiac sign, height, and weight are unknown.

However, he appears to be tall based on his photos. But the exact measurements of his height and weight are not available to the public.


Nationality | Ethnicity

Troy Clendenin is an American who has spent most of his life in the US and is doing well there. His religion and ethnicity are unknown as he has not shared that information with the public.

His profession is also unclear as he has not talked about it publicly, but he gained fame as a celebrity husband. However, his career field is not known.

Troy Clendenin Biography and Net Worth

Parents | Father | Mother

Nothing is publicly known about the family, parents, or siblings of this person as they have not shared any information about them with the media. They respect their family’s privacy and have not revealed any details.

It is also unclear whether they have any siblings. Their educational qualifications and the schools they attended are also unknown, as they have not disclosed any information about their academic background.


Children | Kids

Troy Clendenin has a daughter named Avery, born in 2007, who is interested in gymnastics, diving, and acting. While Troy is financially comfortable, he has not shared his net worth publicly, preferring to keep a low profile and not attract attention to his wealth. However, this information is currently being reviewed.


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