Uche Ogbodo spent the majority of her childhood in her hometown. She holds a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance from the University of Nigeria. Scroll below to read her full biography and personal life.

Uche Ogbodo Biography And Net Worth, Age, Husband, State, Children, First Husband, Baby Daddy

Wikipedia Profile & Background

Real Name: Uche Ogbodo
Date of Birth: 17 May 1986
Age: 36 years old @ 2022
State of Origin: Enugu State, Nigeria
Place of Birth: Enugu
Nationality: Nigerian
Ex Husband: Ato Ubby (Apo Arthur)
Baby Daddy: Bobby Maris
Children: 2 kids, Mildred Chinagorom in 2014  – Chimsimdiri Lumina Ugwoegbu in June 9, 2021
Occupation: Actress
Net Worth: $700k – $2 Million Est.
Education: University of Nigeria (Banking and Finance)
Parents: Godwin Ogbodo (father) – Ada Luisa Ogbodo (mother)

Uche Ogbodo Biography

Uche Ogbodo is a red carpet host, producer, and actress from Nigeria. She made her film debut in 2006 with Another Debt slavery and has since appeared in films such as Four Sisters, Players, Your Holiness, Your Last Action, Honor My Will, The Laptop, and Royal Palace. [1]

Real Age – Date of Birth

The actress was born on the born 17 of May, 1986 in Enugu State, Nigeria. She is currently at the age of 36 years old. Ogbodo has two children at the moment. Mildred, her first kid, was born in 2014, and her second child was born in 2021.

Uche Ogbodo Biography And Net Worth, Age, Husband, State, Children, First Husband, Baby Daddy
Uche Ogbodo with her second baby daddy, Bobby Maris and children

First Child – Mildred

Mildred, the actress’s first child with her ex-husband, Ato Ubby, was born in 2014. Ugbodo previously revealed that her new lover, Bobby Maris, is the father of her second child.

Second Child

On Wednesday, June 9, 2021, Ogbodo rushed to Instagram to inform her followers of the arrival of her new baby. “My Bunny has arrived. I’m overjoyed. It’s been an extremely rewarding trip, and both mother and kid are doing wonderfully. The father of the new born baby is, Bobby Maris.

Uche Ogbodo First Husband

Uche Ogbodo’s supporters initially thought she was married to Apo Arthur, but she later denied such reports. She said that she and Apo Arthur were engaged for a period of time before splitting in 2013.

According to Uche Ogbodo, despite being engaged, she and Apo Arthur divorced before marrying. Uche Ogbodo and her ex-husband, Apo Arthur, have a daughter.

Apo almost assumed Uche got pregnant to keep him in the relationship after she disclosed she was pregnant months after they split up. Mildred Chinagorom, Uche Ogbodo’s daughter, was born in 2014. Apo Arthur, according to the actress, has never been active in the lives of his daughter, Mildred.

Uche Ogbodo Biography And Net Worth, Age, Husband, State, Children, First Husband, Baby Daddy

Second Husband – Baby Daddy

Uche Ogbodo has found love again and is currently engaged to Bobby Maris, a Nigerian music singer. They’ve been together for a while and are still going strong, as Uche once claimed that they’re thinking of marrying to cement their love.

Bobby Maris is Uche Ogbodo’s first younger man, and the actress has declared that she has no regrets dating Bobby. The two lovebirds are continuously flaunting each other on social media, with each photo accompanied by romantic and passionate messages. Uche Ogbodo and her current boyfriend, Bobby Maris, have a baby girl named Lumina, who was born in June 2021.

Is Ucho Ogbodo Married

Uche Ogbodo does not currently have a husband. She is, however, in a serious relationship with Nigerian musician Bobby Maris.

Bobby Maris, Uche Ogbodo’s baby daddy, is a rising Nigerian musician. He has appeared on stage with other well-known Nigerian musicians, such as Patoranking, at a number of shows. [2]

State of Origin

Uche was born in the southern part of Nigeria, Enugu State by her parents, Godwin Ogbodo her father, and Ada Luisa Ogbodo her mother. The actress appears to be the second child in her family with five siblings.

Net Worth

Uche Ogbodo’s net worth is believed to be $5 million. Her primary source of income is her acting career. Uche Ogbodo is a film producer who has produced few films, notably the hit film is, “Twelve,” which she distributed on numerous platforms in 2020.

Uche Ogbodo Biography And Net Worth, Age, Husband, State, Children, First Husband, Baby Daddy


Ogbodo’s journey to Nollywood began with her father’s choice to enrol her with the Actors Guild of Nigeria in Enugu State, and she has since been in films such as Be My Val, Family Romance, Festac Town, Forces of Nature, and Four Sisters.

In 2013, she was named Godfrey Okoye University’s Spotless Actress of the Year, and in 2015, she was named Fashion Icon Of The Year, Best Supporting Actress at City People Entertainment Awards for her part in “Mummy Why,” and 2018 Most Outstanding Nollywood Actress at the Icon Awards.

In 2011, she was assaulted by Enugu-based movie marketers, Amaco Brothers, for allegedly delaying movie production and causing them to lose money, but after a probe by the Actor Guilds of Nigeria, the judgment was reversed.

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