Uncle Waffles Biography and Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Parents, Ethnicity, Real Name, Boyfriend, Family

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Lungelihle Zwane, also known professionally as Uncle Waffles, is a talented Swazi-born DJ, dancer, record producer, and artist who has made a name for herself in South Africa’s music scene.

Uncle Waffles Biography: Lungelihle Zwane, Career, and Achievements

The Swaziland born DJ and record producer based in South Africa is best known for her Amapiano songs and dance moves that have gone viral on TikTok, making her a fan favorite across the globe.

In this post, we will delve into the biography of the Swaziland born DJ and record producer based in South Africa, including her real name, age, nationality, career, achievements, and relationship.

Early Life

Born on 30th March 2000, Lungelihle Zwane was raised by her grandmother in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), where she had a passion for music from an early age. ((9jadaily.com)) Growing up, Waffles enjoyed listening to South African house music and kwaito, and some of her favorite artists include Black Coffee, Lebo Mathosa, and DJ Kent. She did not know her real parents until she was a teenager.


Before becoming a DJ, Uncle Waffles worked as a television presenter and host on Studio 1 on Eswatin TV, but she left following her replacement in 2022. Later on, she moved to South Africa to further her education and pursue her dream in music.

During the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, she learned how to DJ, and later on, she signed to South African creative agency KreativeKornerr, who book gigs for her across the country.

In October 2021, Lungelihle Zwane went viral after her dancing video during her DJ set at the Zone 6 nightclub in Soweto went viral on social media platforms. This led to Canadian rapper Drake noticing her and following her on Instagram.

The Swaziland born DJ and record ventured into music production following her newfound popularity, releasing her hit song “Tanzania” in March and her EP “Red Dragon” later that same month.

In September 2022, Uncle Waffles released the music video for her hit song “Tanzania,” and she performed at the Global Citizen Festival in Accra. Lungelihle Zwane’ second EP, Asylum, was released in March 2023 and featured the track “Yahyuppiyah.”

Her song “Yahyuppiyah” is one of the trending songs on Tiktok. In April 2023, She became the first Amapiano musician to perform at Coachella. Following the global success of her hit song “Yahyuppiyah,” she shared a video of her and American singer Ciara dancing on Tiktok.

Personal Life

Uncle Waffles, a popular social media personality, is not married but she is in a relationship with Thato Tlhankana, who is also known as Kai. ((buzzsouthafrica.com))

Her boyfriend, Thato Tlhankana, also known as Kai intheKut, is a business graduate from the University of Johannesburg who co-founded and directs Kreative Kornerr, an events company.

The popular DJ and record producer based in South Africa’s boyfriend is a creative strategist and helps build brands. Kai is the boyfriend of Uncle Waffles, a famous South African social media personality.

Uncle Waffles Biography and Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Parents, Ethnicity, Real Name, Boyfriend, Family


Uncle Waffles has achieved a lot in her career, despite being in the industry for a relatively short time. She won the Best DJ Africa award at the African Muzik Awards in 2022 and was nominated at the All-Africa Music Awards for Best Female DJ.

Lungelihle Zwane is an upcoming African artist in 2023, and she is set to perform at the Afro Nation Festival in Miami and Portugal in June.

In Summary

Uncle Waffles is a rising star in the South African music scene, and her popularity continues to soar across the globe. We hope that this biography has given you an insight into her life, career, and achievements. Follow her on Tiktok @uncle.waffles and Instagram @Unclewaffles_ to keep up with her latest performances, gigs, and updates.

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