Watch and Download: Ifunanya Lawyer Leaked Viral Video Twitter, Photos

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A video of a young Nigerian lawyer named Ifunanya has gone viral on social media, causing controversy. The video allegedly showed the lawyer performing a sexual act, which has sparked a debate among Nigeria’s lawyers.

Many Nigerians have denounced the leak as an invasion of the lawyer’s privacy. The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has issued a statement condemning the crime and promising to investigate the matter.

Ifunanya Lawyer Leaked Viral Video Twitter, Photos

The video of Ifunanya has raised important issues about online privacy and the need for stricter laws to protect people on the internet. Despite the unfortunate incident, it has opened up a dialogue about individuals’ rights online. It is hoped that this will lead to positive change in the future.

How Did the Ifunanya Excel Grant Issue Start?

Ifunanya Excel Grant allegedly posted a photo on social media that went viral. The photo showed her in a revealing outfit, smoking a cigar and celebrating her job as a lawyer. She captioned the photo with “I did it!” and “Join me at a gangster party.”

However, Ifunanya denied posting the photo and claimed that someone else used her picture to create a fake account. She said that scammers were responsible for the post. ((

Ifunanya Lawyer Leaked Viral Video

What Does the Controversy Mean for Nigerian Lawyers?

The viral video of Ifunanya has brought attention to the importance of stronger laws to safeguard people’s online privacy. The NBA wants whoever shared the video to be punished, and this may discourage others from doing the same thing.

Who Is Ifunanya Lawyer

Her nickname is Mámí wátá, Ifunanya is a lawyer and model on Instagram. Her username is @funaya_, and she posts many pictures of herself in different outfits and places. She is very talented in modeling and acting, and her photos have positive and inspiring messages. While her Instagram doesn’t focus much on her legal career, she is a skilled lawyer.

Ifunanya Lawyer Leaked Video

In Case You Missed It

A young lawyer named Ifunanya Excel Grant has denied making a viral post celebrating her call to the bar on social media. The post included pictures of her in a provocative dress smoking a Cuban cigar with the tagline “I Made it! I’m forever proud of myself! A BARRISTER & a STONER, sometimes a gangster.

Celebrate with Me.” In a statement, Grant clarified that the post did not originate from her as she is not on social media, and that the pictures were stolen by scammers who create fake accounts pretending to be her.

She also clarified that she is not a gangster and that the picture with a cigar was for modeling purposes only, and not for her Call to Bar celebration. She asked the public to be cautious of those who try to tarnish her image and emphasized that she is not currently practicing law. ((

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