Is Wendy Williams Married? Wendy Williams Biography, Net Worth, Family, Age, Children, Nationality, Marriage

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Wendy Williams had a successful job as a radio DJ and host in New York before she started working on television. During her time on the radio, she became known for being a “shock jockette.” This means that she would say and do things that surprised and shocked people.

In 2009, Williams was honored by being inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. On her 50th birthday, the street in Asbury Park, New Jersey, where she grew up, was renamed Wendy Williams Way to celebrate her. Let’s check out her Wikipedia biodata below.

Wendy Williams Biography And Net Worth, Family, Age, Hometown, Tribe, Husband, Show, Children, Nationality

Wikipedia Profile & Background

Real Name: Wendy Joan Williams
Date of Birth: July 18, 1964
Age: 59 years old @ 2023
State of Origin: New Jersey, U.S.
Place of Birth: Asbury Park, New Jersey, U.S.
Nationality: American
Husband: Bert Girigorie (m. 1994; div. 1995)​ – Kevin Hunter (m. 1999; div. 2019)​
Occupation: Broadcaster – Media Personality – Writer – Actress – Producer
Net Worth: < $20 million
Education:  Northeastern University (BA)
Children: 1, Kevin Samuel Hunter
Marital Status: Divorced

Wendy Williams Biography

Wendy Williams Hunter, also known as Wendy Joan Williams, was born on July 18, 1964. She is an American writer and broadcaster. From 2008 to 2022, she hosted a popular television talk show called The Wendy Williams Show that was shown all across the country.

Before working on television, Williams started her career as a radio DJ and host. She quickly became famous in New York for being a “shock jockette.” This means she would say and do things that surprised people. In 2006, a reality TV series called The Wendy Williams Experience was made about her radio show and the things happening around it.

Williams has been involved in many other projects. She has written several books, appeared in movies and TV shows, and even went on tour with her comedy show. She also started her own fashion brand, jewelry collection, and wig line.

Educational Background

Wendy Williams graduated from Ocean Township High School in 1982. In her class, there were 363 students, and she was one of only four black students. Her sister, Wanda, was very smart and got a scholarship to university when she was just 16 years old.

Even though her classmates liked hip hop music, Wendy preferred rock bands like AC/DC. She listened to them instead. Wendy’s younger brother, Thomas, played Little League Baseball, and Wendy would announce the games.

Wendy went to Northeastern University in Boston to study journalism. She wanted to become a TV news anchor. But after less than a month, she switched to studying radio because she thought it would help her career grow faster. Her parents didn’t agree with her decision.

To make her parents happy, Wendy got a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication with a minor in journalism. She worked as a disc jockey at her university’s radio station, WRBB. Her very first interview was with the rapper LL Cool J. As an intern at a radio station called WXKS-FM, she also talked about the TV shows Dallas and Dynasty on the air.

Wendy Williams Biography And Net Worth, Family, Age, Hometown, Tribe, Husband, Show, Children, Nationality

Age | Where Is Wendy Williams from?

Wendy Williams Hunter was born on July 18, 1964, in Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA. She is currently 58 years old. Asbury Park is a city by the coast in Monmouth County, New Jersey, and it is part of the New York metropolitan area.

Parents: Father & Mother

Wendy Williams is the second child of Shirley and Thomas Dwayne Williams. They had three children in total. Shirley was a special education teacher, and Thomas was a teacher and school principal.

In 1969, Thomas became the first black school administrator in Red Bank, New Jersey. Both of them had master’s degrees. Due to race riots in Asbury Park in 1970, the family decided to move to Wayside, a mostly white and well-to-do suburb in Ocean Township, New Jersey.

They were part of a Baptist church and spent their summers in Oak Bluffs, a popular place for African Americans in Massachusetts. When Wendy was young, doctors suggested she take medication to help with her hyperactivity.

She started gaining weight in elementary school, so her parents put her on a diet. This made her feel bad about her body. Wendy was involved in the Girl Scouts and also volunteered as a candy striper. Her family thought she would work in the medical field in the future.

Personal Life

Wendy Williams, a well-known television personality, has shared some significant experiences from her life. In this article, we will explore her personal life, beliefs, and the causes she supports.

Early Life and Relationships

Wendy Williams grew up in the suburbs and identifies herself as a multicultural Black woman. She has been through some difficult times in her relationships. In college and during the 1980s, she experienced sexual assault from an R&B star named Sherrick.

Wendy also had an abortion in 1991 after ending a relationship. Her first husband, Bertrand “Bert” Girigorie, sadly passed away. In her memoirs, Wendy used a fake name for her first spouse and revealed that they separated after five months and divorced around eighteen months later.

Marriage and Motherhood

Wendy met her second husband, Kevin Hunter, in 1994, and they tied the knot on November 30, 1999. However, before the birth of their son, Kevin Samuel, on August 18, 2000, Wendy faced several miscarriages. Despite the challenges, she embraced motherhood.

Divorce and Legal Name

In April 2019, Wendy filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter due to irreconcilable differences. This decision was influenced by Kevin fathering a child with someone else. Although the divorce was finalized in January 2020, Wendy’s legal last name remains Hunter.

Beliefs and Spirituality

While Wendy considers herself a Christian, she no longer attends church. She believes that God is present everywhere and prays multiple times a day, maintaining a personal connection with her faith.

Advocacy and Political Views

Wendy Williams holds a pro-choice stance on the issue of abortion, supporting a woman’s right to choose. In the 2012 presidential election, she endorsed Barack Obama and promoted an NAACP voter helpline.

Additionally, Wendy participated in PETA’s campaign against wearing fur in 2012, emphasizing the importance of being comfortable in our own skin and advocating for animal rights.

Furthermore, she voted in favor of removing the Confederate battle flag from the South Carolina State House in 2015, showing her support for unity and equality.

Early Career

Wendy Williams began her career as a disc jockey after graduating from Northeastern University. However, she faced challenges with her early radio gigs and decided to pursue better opportunities.

Let’s explore her journey from small radio stations to becoming a popular radio personality in New York City.

Early Radio Career

After graduating, Wendy joined a small radio station called WVIS in the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, she didn’t find the experience fulfilling as she had hoped to learn more about radio from her colleagues. Feeling dissatisfied and isolated, she started sending out resumes and sample tapes to other radio stations.

Moving to Washington, D.C.

Wendy left WVIS after eight months and moved to WOL in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, the station’s oldies radio format didn’t suit her personality. Undeterred, she continued to send her tapes to different stations.

Opportunity in New York City

In November 1987, Wendy got a chance to work as a weekend fill-in at WQHT in New York City. After some time, she was hired full-time to handle overnight shifts at WQHT. However, her journey at the station was short-lived, and she was let go after two years.

Transition to WRKS

Following her departure from WQHT, Wendy briefly worked overnight shifts at WPLJ before being hired by WRKS. She became a member of the station’s “Wake-Up Club” and started gaining attention as a radio personality.

Her segment called “Dish the Dirt,” where she discussed rappers and celebrities, attracted both fans and criticism.

Success and Recognition

Wendy’s popularity grew, and in April 1991, she was promoted to host the evening drive time slot at WRKS. By 1993, she became the highest-rated host in her time slot in the New York City market and received recognition as the R&B Major Market Radio Air Personality of the Year.

Transition to WQHT

In an effort to boost ratings, WRKS moved Wendy back to mornings in September 1994. However, shortly after, she was transferred to WQHT by Emmis Broadcasting, the station’s new owner. At WQHT, Wendy hosted the evening drive time slot, catering to the station’s younger demographic.

Wendy Williams Biography And Net Worth, Family, Age

Book Authorship

Wendy Williams, a well-known television personality, has not only made a name for herself on screen but has also ventured into writing. In this article, we’ll explore her journey as an author, from autobiographical works to fiction novels.

Autobiographical Works

In August 2003, Wendy released her autobiography, titled “Wendy’s Got the Heat,” which she co-wrote with Karen Hunter, a journalist from the New York Daily News.

The book delves into Wendy’s life, including her early struggles, experiences with drug addiction, and marriages.

It achieved significant success, debuting at number nine on The New York Times Best Seller list for nonfiction.

The Wendy Williams Experience

In August 2004, Wendy’s autobiography was reprinted in paperback. Around the same time, she released her second book, “The Wendy Williams Experience.” This book focuses on celebrity gossip and interviews, providing readers with an inside look into the entertainment world.

Ask Wendy: Advice Book

In May 2013, Wendy launched “Ask Wendy,” an advice book where she shares her insights and guidance on various topics. Readers can turn to this book for Wendy’s advice on different aspects of life.

Fiction Novels

Apart from her nonfiction works, Wendy has also ventured into fiction writing. She authored a trilogy revolving around the life and career of a radio shock jock named Ritz Harper.

The first two novels in the series, “Drama Is Her Middle Name” (2006) and “Is the Bitch Dead, or What?” (2007), were co-written with Karen Hunter.

The third book, “Ritz Harper Goes to Hollywood,” was co-written by Zondra Hughes in 2009. The media often drew comparisons between the character Ritz Harper and Wendy herself.

Hold Me in Contempt

In 2014, Wendy released a romantic novel titled “Hold Me in Contempt.” While she claimed to have co-written the book with an English professor ghostwriter, it showcased her storytelling abilities and love for fiction.

Music and Comedy Shows

In 2003, Wendy Williams interviewed Blu Cantrell, and the interview was released as a DVD along with Cantrell’s album called Bittersweet.

In June 2005, Wendy Williams and Virgin Records published a DVD called “Wendy Williams Brings the Heat: Volume 1,” which included performances by several rap artists like M.O.P., Jadakiss, and Young Jeezy.

According to Nielsen SoundScan, it sold 29,000 copies by November of that year. In 2014, Lipshtick invited Wendy Williams to perform in their first-ever comedy series featuring all-female comedians at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

On July 11, 2014, Williams made her debut as a comedian, and the show was completely sold out. Her comedy tour was called “The Sit-down Comedy Tour.” After a successful debut in July, Williams returned to Lipshtick on October 31 and November 1, 2014.

On November 15, 2014, Wendy Williams organized the “How You Laughin'” Comedy Series at NJPAC, which included comedians Luenell, Jonathan Martin, Pat Brown, Hadiyah Robinson, and Meme Simpson.

In 2015, Williams announced a comedy tour called “The Wendy Williams Sit Down Tour: Too Real For Stand-Up,” which was scheduled to visit 12 cities.

Products and Endorsements

While working for WRKS, Wendy Williams became a spokesperson for a hip-hop clothing company. In 2006, she also became a spokesperson for George Veselles champagne and Alizé liqueurs.

In 2012, Williams introduced her own jewelry and shoe brand called “Adorn” on the shopping channel QVC. However, there was a problem with the shoe company. Their lawyer said that Williams never paid for the production costs.

In 2013, Williams tried to sell a collection of wigs to online sellers. Then, in 2015, she offered her own clothing brand called “Wendy Williams” on the shopping channel HSN. The next year, she expanded the partnership by creating shoe and winter clothing collections.

Net Worth

As of December 2022, it is estimated that Wendy Williams’ total wealth is more than $20 million. She gained popularity when she appeared on a reality TV show called ‘The Wendy Williams Experience’ in 2006.

In 2009, she was honored by being inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. By the way, if you’re interested, you can read the complete biography and net worth of Malcolm Nuna, he is a Ghanaian rapper, songwriter, and musician from Hohoe.

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