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Berri Tiga, the renowned music artist, is creating waves in the music scene with the recent launch of new songs and music videos.

Notably, the track titled “No Evidence” is anticipated to make a substantial impact on the internet. Collaborating with ASAPtheDJ, Berri Tiga has also released the official music video for the song “YOLO.”

Excitingly, there’s news about Berri Tiga working on fresh music, including a sneak peek of a collaboration with other talented artists.

Stay updated on Berri Tiga’s latest releases and news by following them on their official Twitter account @TigaBerri. Keep an eye out for more updates and musical delights from this prolific artist.

Who Is Berri Tiga

Berri Tiga Wikipedia Profile

Real Name:Agada Blessed Obutu
Date Of Birth:10 October, 2000
Age:23 years old @ 2023
State Of Origin:Benue State, Nigeria
Marital Status:Single
Net Worth:$300k
Record Label:Eh God
Berri Tiga Wikipedia Profile

Berri Tiga Biography

The 10th of October 2000 saw the birth of Barri-Tiga. He is thus 23 years old, as of 2023. He was born in Nigeria’s Benue State. He is a highly skilled Nigerian musician with a distinctive musical aesthetic in the Naija Music Industry.

Machala Ft. Carter Efe, Berri’s debut single, had millions of plays on various music streaming services. Berri-Tiga is a young, rising artist from Nigeria.

Agada Blessed Obutu is the stage name of the talented singer and composer from Nigeria’s Benue state. In fact, Berri-Tiga once said in an interview that his distinctive vocal style helped him separate out from other up-and-coming young performers.

Who Is Berri Tiga Biography And Net Worth

Age and Date of Birth

At the time of this article’s publication, he is currently 23 years old. He was born on October 10th, 2000. Berri Tiga’s private life is quite secretive to the general population.

Who Is Berri Tiga Biography And Net Worth

State of Origin

He was born in Benue State, Nigeria. Before relocating to Lagos State to pursue his music career with other Nigerian music artists, Berry completed both his primary and secondary education in Benue State.

We vow that as time goes on, we will give you guys complete details and data about his family, including his siblings, parents, and a whole lot more. He hasn’t given any information about his father, siblings, or mother to the public.

Who Is Berri Tiga Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth

He is currently doing well in his music career with an estimated net worth of about $300,000 US Dollars.

Who Is Berri Tiga Biography And Net Worth


The road to his musical career was already paved after his stay at the “French Village International College” in Badagry, Lagos. He has written several songs and features and is a member of Big Brother Management (BBR).

He became well-known because to his freestyle “Jo,” which gained him a management deal with BBR management and went viral online.

He released “Fire,” his first single, in February 2021. He just made a cameo appearance in the well-known song “Machala” by renowned Nigerian comedian “Carter Efe.”

Barri Tiga Record Label

Berri Tiga is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who was signed to Carter Efe’s record label, Eh God Records, in July 2023. He came to the limelight after the release of his song “Machala” and has been known for consistently releasing hit songs.

However, in November 2023, Berri Tiga called out Carter Efe on social media, claiming that he was funding the record label but was threatened to be slapped by Efe at the airport.

Who Is Berri Tiga Biography And Net Worth

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