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Diana is a project manager of 33 years old. She imparts a ‘French’ flavor to the show. It comes as no surprise that she is a lover rather than a warrior, as she is kind and kind. She is from the state of Edo.

Who Is Diana BBNaija

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Diana BBNaija Wikipedia Profile

Real Name: Diana Isoken Edobor
Date Of Birth: 1989
Age: 33 years old @ 2022
State Of Origin: Edo State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Boyfriend – Husband: Unknown
Occupation: Project Manager
Net Worth: $30,000
Place of Birth: France
Parents: Unknown
Source: Ngnews247.com

Diana BBNaija Biography

Diana real name is Diana Isoken Edobor, she is a Project Manager from Edo State who is 33 years old. She was born in France in 1989, but now resides in Abuja. She is gregarious, family-oriented, self-improvement-driven, and she adores learning about other cultures.

Diana intends to give bbnaija her all! In addition to being a manipulator at heart, her game plan is to acquire the trust of all of her Housemates and exploit it to her advantage.

Diana BBNaija Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Family, Husband, Boyfriend,

What Is Diana BBNaija Age

She was born in 1989 in France. She is currently at the age of 33 years old at the year of publishing this article.

Diana BBNaija State of Origin

Diana was born in France to Mr. and Mrs. Edobor, Nigerian parents. Nigerian BBN Diana Edobor is originally from Benin, Edo State. Her parents, mother, and siblings all reside in France. She is of the Bini tribe and comes from a Christian household.

Diana BBNaija Net Worth

Diana BBNaija’s net worth is estimated to be $30,000. She is an entrepreneur and project manager from Nigeria. Diana BBNaija has an Instagram account with the handle @diana.edobor. At the time of writing this piece, he had gained over 9,000 followers.

Who Is Diana BBNaija, Biography And Net Worth

Diana BBNaija Career

Diana Edobor, also known as Diana BBN, is a Nigerian businesswoman and project manager. Additionally, the aspiring Nollywood actor is interested in the cosmetics and skincare industry. She had always desired to open a spa.

Diana cherishes friendship and believes in treating others with love, loyalty, and respect, as she would like to be treated. Diana admits that she is unattached when asked about romantic relationships.

“Guys view me as sophisticated, high maintenance, and unapproachable due to my high cost. “Once they get to know me, they realize I am actually a pretty likable and approachable individual,” she explains.

This vivacious individual hopes to launch her acting career, make a network of friends, and use the Big Brother Naija platform to establish her brand, while also making a difference in the world in the vital areas of poverty, education, and climate change.

Diana intends to give her best in this game! In addition to being a manipulator at heart, her game plan is to acquire the trust of all of her Housemates and exploit it to her advantage.

In Conclusion

Diana who wants to be a reality star is Nigerian and French, and she is a Christian. She can speak more than one language. She can speak Benin, French, Spanish, and English.

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