Ejike Ibedilo Biography, Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Children, Parents, Car, House

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Ejike Ibedilo is a Nigerian actor and broadcaster renowned for his voice acting roles. He’s best known as the voice behind Big Brother Nigeria for numerous seasons, contributing significantly to the show’s popularity within Nigerian entertainment circles.

His distinctive voice has become familiar to many Nigerians, playing a pivotal role in the success of the reality program. The man behind Big Brother’s voice, he is also an Actor and OAP, He was born in the eighties.

Who Is Ejike Ibedilo

We are ‘happy’ to report that we have identified the person behind the (currently) most recognizable voice in Nigeria. The man behind Big Brother’s voice is none other than Actor/OAP/Compere Ejike Ibedilo, and if you’re still unsure, he’s Ejike Ibedilo.

The video began circulating a few days ago, and while many believed it, some remained skeptical until Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’s Frank Edoho tweeted confirmation.

Ejike Ibedilo Wikipedia Profile

Real Name:Mike Ejike Ibedilo
Date Of Birth:1980’s
State Of Origin:Southeastern State, Nigeria
Girlfriend – Wife:Unknown
Occupation:Actor – OAP
Net Worth:$300k Est.
Place of Birth:Unknown

Ejike Ibedilo Biography

Ejike Ibedilo is an actor, radio and television personality, and emcee. He was a professional radio host for Cool FM, a voice actor on an international scale, and a nollywood heavyweight. He has participated in the sport for decades.

Multiple sources indicate that Mr. Mike Ejike Ibedilo is also the voice behind Big Brother Naija. Mr. Mike Ejike Ibedilo is married as well. The first time he asked his wife to marry him, she declined, but she eventually agreed after falling in love with his voice.

Ejike Ibedilo Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Children, Parents, Car, House

Wife and Children

He has been married for seven years and feels that Jesus Christ is the key to a happy marriage. Ibedilo is currently caring for his family, working as a voice-over artist and master of ceremonies, and seeking a career in acting. He would like to return to the radio one day.

Age and Date of Birth

How Old Is Ejike Ibedilo? Ejike Ibedilo is How Many Years Old? He is currently at the age of 40’s at the year of publishing this article.

State of Origin: Where Is Ejike Ibedilo From?

Where is Ejike Ibedilo From? Ejike Ibedilo Is From Which State? The actor is actually from Southeastern part of Nigeria. His real State of origin will be updated very soon.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Ejike Ibedilo is approximately $300,000. He is an actor, on-air personality, and host for special events. You can follow Ejike Ibedilo on Instagram by visiting @ejikeibediloofficial.

Who Is Ejike Ibedilo, Biography And Net Worth


He began his path of self-discovery at an MTN Gladiator event at the National Stadium in Surulere. He was on the phone when a particular woman answered. She questioned whether or not he was a radio personality.

Obviously, he was not on the radio at the time. Student in the Physiology program at the University of Lagos. The next statement caught his attention and caused him to pause. A guy who does not appear on the radio is useless. Take some time to hear your own voice.

Later in the day, his cousin and voice actor Shadrack John would tell him the same thing. When it came to bringing him into a studio, Shadrack had no trouble making it happen.

Even the seasoned artists at Eric Moore’s Surulere studio were excited to meet him. They assured him that his voice texture would make him a huge hit. He had departed already. The trip had commenced.

Early Career

As a novice in his chosen industry, he realized he needs more training after graduating from Unilag. A fellow tourist, Frank Edoho, informed him that he had a good voice but needed more work.

He studied radio transmission fundamentals at the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Training School in the GRA-Ikeja district of Lagos. One of the professors, Mr. Akioya, took a liking to him and closely monitored his growth.

As soon as he felt a connection to Broadcasting, he seized the opportunity to study as much as possible about it. The people he encountered along the route were enchanted by this. He was assigned to Cool FM for his internship.

His Work With Cool FM

Freeze was initially nice and welcoming to me. He questioned as to if I was interested in working for Cool FM. As if it had been a dream. Yes, that is the response I provided. This occurred in 2007 The chief of production, Ibrahim Abubakar, invited me to his office.

I was requested to replace someone who had recently resigned. It seemed like divine intervention that I had to go on air that day. Olisa, Freeze, Dan Foster, and others congratulated me on my initial airing.

It was incapacitating and left me feeling like a rabbit riding a floodlight. You did not punish me when I committed an error. Before he decided to leave, Cool FM had been a part of his life for four years.

His time at the world-famous station was one of his highlights, despite his unwillingness to discuss the circumstances behind his premature departure. Before leaving the radio industry, I had already begun a family.

My wife worked a 9-to-5 shift at an oil firm, but I worked an erratic 12-hour shift at a radio station. Two weeks prior to the birth of my first kid, I quit the radio station Cool FM. Regardless of how much I liked them, I was forced to leave my company in 2011, for whatever reason.

After Working With Cool FM

To avoid unnecessary stress, I opted to stay at home with the children when my wife had to go to work. I launched my own business and became my own boss. In addition to caring for the children, I obtained voiceover and film roles.

After the births of our first and second children, we were able to resume normal life. When asked about his passion for radio, Ibedilo responded, “Every competent broadcaster will tell you that he is a soldier.”

It’s never too late to pursue a career in broadcasting. It is the responsibility of a broadcaster, who is well-versed in playing calming music to calm agitated listeners, to alter the national mood.

A man who had been married for many years but had never had children approached me. Due to their argument, he and his wife were contemplating divorce. It began when he attended one of my nightly performances and fell in love with the music.

That night, his wife became pregnant via supernatural intervention. The father called back three months later to report that his wife had given birth to a baby girl. The baby’s name was Ejike, which was derived from mine.

Ejike Ibedilo Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Wife, Children, Parents, Car, House


Ibedilo is lucky in that each of his employment pays him a satisfactory wage. The fact that acting was his first passion lends him an air of authority. As an actor, he has been in various Nollywood films. However, given the choice, he would want to be an On-Air Personality (OAP).

What he considers to be his most valuable possession may surprise many. My voice is an important asset. This is a gift, and the value of a gift cannot be quantified. I won’t be doing that.

Big Brother Naija Voice

He avoided inquiries regarding his participation in the most recent season of Big Brother Naija. It follows me wherever I go, o! People are coming up to me and asking whether I believe it. Similarly, I would want to note that it is a huge honor to be recognized so often. On social media, the rumor spread that I was Nigeria’s Big Brother.

This is just what I have read and heard. Additionally, I’ve seen or heard references to Frank Edoho, Yemi Blaq, and Segun Arinze providing the narration’s voice. I feel the speculation is mostly based on those with exceptional voice gestures.

Nevertheless, I am a fan of Big Brother and am pleased to be associated with the show. Like everyone else, I watched the concert and thought it entertaining. So much emerged from the show, notably Nigerian cultural heritage on the day they donned traditional Nigerian attire. This made us a worldwide household name.

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