Who Is Nektunez

Nektunez Biography And Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Girlfriends, Real Name, State, Record Label, Music Manager

Let’s look into the full biography and net worth of Nektunez from Ghana, and Who he is. He is a music producer and also a singer.


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Who Is Nektunez

Nektunez Wikipedia Profile

Real Name:Noble
Date Of Birth:July 13
Place of Birth:Kumasi, Ghana
Girlfriend – Wife:Unknown
Occupation:Singer – Producer
Net Worth:< $100k
Record Label:Under Rev.

Nektunez Biography

Nektunez was born on July 13 in the early 1990s to Ghanaian parents (90s). His parents gave him the English name Noble because they thought he would lead an unusual life as a child and grow up to become a famous person.

He began attending church as a young boy and was nurtured in a devoutly Christian environment. Because of his parents’ strong Christian beliefs, he was reared with high morals. His parents are commended for instilling in him the virtues of self-control, tenacity, and labor.


Nektunez, who lived up to his given name, showed signs of being destined to choose an unconventional route as early as his adolescent years. His goal to become a music producer and his interest in music are the causes of this.

He had grown up listening to music on the radio that had first exposed him to Ghanaian Highlife and Afrobeats. He was also exposed to the hip-hop and afrobeats music created by artists in Nigeria, a nearby country.

Who Is Nektunez Biography And Net Worth

Age – Date of Birth

He is currently in his thirties, he was born on July 13, Noble, a well-known Ghanaian record producer, musician, songwriter, mix and mastering engineer, was born.

He is frequently referred to as Nektunez, his stage name. Nektunez, a veteran of the Ghanaian music field, gained notoriety in the continent’s music landscape after his breakout single, Ameno Amapiano remix, went viral.

Goya Menor, a rapper and hypeman from Nigeria, collaborated on the hit song Nektunez, which has helped him earn notoriety on a global level.  The most Shazamed song ever right now is Ameno Amapiano, which has millions of streams. The music star has had several possibilities to work with up-and-coming artists thanks to the Ghanaian music scene.

State of Origin – Place of Birth

Nektunez was born on July 13 in Kumasi, Ghana. Nektunez, who is from a middle-class family, had the fortunate opportunity to attend some of Ghana’s premier universities to further his education.

In famous private schools in Kumasi, he completed his primary and secondary studies. Following the completion of his West African School Certificate, he enrolled in the University of Ghana. Nektunez graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science after four years of study.

Who Is Nektunez Biography And Net Worth

Nektunez Career

In his first year of college, Nektunez decided to pursue a profession in music production. His objective was to become the most successful manufacturer in Africa.

So he hired someone to teach him the basics of sound creation, and he rehearsed in his apartment whenever he had free time. He swiftly honed his sound production skills, and within months, he was producing beats for underground artists at his college.

During this time, he created the stage name Nektunez. As he delved deeper into his artistic side, he also started writing songs. He would produce the musical beats and record the song lyrics in a temporary studio set up in his apartment.

He decided to pursue music professionally after receiving his degree from the university and has since worked as a producer, mix and mastering engineer, and recording artist. Fortunately for Nektunez, he entered the market quickly as a result of several inquiries regarding collaborations from upcoming bands and A-list personalities.

Nektunez Biography And Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Girlfriends, Real Name, State, Record Label, Music Manager

Beats Making

He has so far produced beats for musicians such Eugy, Dance God, Evans Scott, Kobby Wills, and Camidoh, among others. The two worked together on God Creates, Man Makes, Evans Scott’s EP that topped the charts.

In 2021, Nektunez’s collaboration with Goya Menor, a hypeman and upcoming rapper from Nigeria, gave him his biggest artistic break yet. The duo quickly became successful as a result of their shared musical preferences and decided to create a remix of the well-known party song Ameno Amapiano.

As they had hoped, the Ameno Amapiano remix became a smash hit right away, sweeping the continent and even reaching Western countries like the USA, UK, and Canada. Because of the song’s great popularity, several well-known individuals in the African music industry are now interested in working with Nektunez.

Because of the song’s success, he has got the chance to perform at several music festivals in Ghana and Nigeria. The Ameno Amapiano remix debuted at the top of Apple’s list of the Top 100 Songs in Nigeria and presently owns the record of most Shazamed song in the world.

Nektunez Biography And Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Girlfriends, Real Name, State, Record Label, Music Manager

Net Worth

Nektunez is one of Ghana’s top music producers and recording artists, and he earns a respectable living from his work. Nektunez’s estimated net worth ranges from 80,000 to 100,000 dollars.

The musician Nektunez, who was born on July 13th, is currently in his late 20s. No one is sure of his exact birth year because he has kept this information private. Right in the heart of Kumasi, Ghana, he operates out of a well-equipped studio. His spacious, well appointed flat houses the studio.

When Nektunez is not working, he spends his free time with his loved ones and fiancée. The name of his Ghanaian girlfriend, a smart young woman, has not yet been made public. Nektunez supports himself well by generating money from producing beats for musicians. He also gets paid to play at functions and gets royalties from the sales of his tunes.

Nektunez was born on July 13 in the early 1990s to Ghanaian parents (90s). His parents gave him the English name Noble because they thought he would lead an unusual life as a child and grow up to become a famous person.

Who Is Nektunez Biography And Net Worth

Making of Ameno Amapiano

The amazing studio song “Ameno Amapiano” was written by DJ Nektunez and Goya Menor and features their magic touch. “Ameno,” one of the continent’s most well-known songs right now, has grown in popularity and secured a spot in Nigeria’s Top 20 lists on Apple Music.

Nektunez maintains his freshly discovered love for Amapiano with his mixtape “Amapiano & Soul” by creating melodic music that allow you to reflect on the past or daydream about the future.

In Conclusion

Noble, a political science major and graduate of Ghana’s esteemed University of Ghana, developed a love for music through his interactions with musicians. Noble (also known as Nektunez), a multi-genre record producer, musician, songwriter, composer, and businessman from Ghana, resides in Atlanta.

The exceptional record producer was able to capture the Afrobeat eco-system at its infancy because of his unequaled command of the Amapiano genre and his swift adaptation to the new sound. The top producers in the industry, like Kanye West, DJ Khaled, Kygo, David Guetta, and Don Jazzy, continue to have an impact on Nektunez’s approach.

He established a distinct beat-playing style while perfecting his own sounds, which helps him stand out whenever he produces a composition. Nektunez has worked in a number of well-known studios.

The gifted producer focuses on atmosphere and deep, alluring grooves, creating beats and songs that make you stamp your feet and nod your head without you realizing it. No matter the genre, tempo, style, or year of release, this is accurate.


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