Obio Ebube Biography, Net Worth, Real Age, State, Parents, Mother, Boyfriend, Wikipedia

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Obio Ebube, also known as Obio Oluebube Cynthia, stands out as a renowned Nigerian actress with an impressive body of work in various featured movies. Lately, she has been captivating audiences in notable Nigerian Nollywood productions. Some of her recent projects include:

  • “The Just Released Movie Of Obio Oluebube 2023 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie Season 1&2,” which premiered on April 24, 2023.
  • “The Just Released Movie Of Obio Oluebube 2023 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie Season 3&4,” released on April 29, 2023.
  • “NEW* HOTTER THAN LOVE (2023 New Movie)OLUEBUBE OBIO| UGEZU J 2023 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movies,” hitting the screens on January 31, 2023.
  • “THIS EBUBE OBIO MOVIE CAME OUT TODAY NOV 3RD {SABI JELLOF,” premiered on November 3, 2023.
  • “A Second Shot (New Movie) Ebube Obio, Felix Omokhodion, Faith Duke,” released on December 10, 2023.

These captivating movies are readily available on popular platforms like YouTube and other Nollywood movie channels. Dive into the world of Obio Ebube as she continues to make a significant impact on the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Obio Ebube Wikipedia Profile

Real Name:Obio Oluebube Cynthia
Date Of Birth:12 August 2004
Age:19 years old @ 2023
State Of Origin:Anambra State, Nigeria
Place of Birth:Ihiala, Anambra State
Marital Status:Single
Net Worth:100k >
Place of Birth:Ihiala, Anambra State
Parents:Uche Nancy (rumor)
Obio Ebube Wikipedia Profile

Obio Ebube Biography

Oluebube Obio was born in Anambra State on the twelfth day of August, two thousand and four. She is a popular Nigerian Nollywood actress from Igbo descent. She is not married, and we are not sure of who she is dating or who is dating her.

Due to her height, Obio Oluebube is sometimes referred to as the female counterpart of Aki and Paw-Paw. Obio Oluebube, like Aki and Paw-Paw, regularly appears in comedies. Since then, Oluebube’s Nollywood career has advanced significantly, and she is now an excellent sketch writer.

Obio Ebube Biography And Net Worth, Real Age, State, Parents, Mother, Boyfriend, Wikipedia

Real Age and Date of Birth

Some of her fans thought her age is below 15 years old, but Obio Oluebube is 19-year-old as at time of writing this post in the year, 2023. She was born on August 12, 2004, she will be 20 years old this year, 2024.

State of Origin and Place of Birth

She was born in Ihiala, Anambra State. Ihiala is a city located in the southern portion of Anambra State, Nigeria. It is situated within the region referred to as Igboland.

Education Background

Obio Oluebube attended her primary and secondary institutions in Anambra State. In contrast, Obio Oluebube has not yet been admitted to a Nigerian institution.

Obio Ebube Biography And Net Worth, Real Age, State

Parents: Father and Mother

Oluebube Obio was born into the Obio family in Ihiala, Anambra State, Nigeria, to Mr. and Mrs. Obio. Mr. Obio of Anambra State is Obio Oluebube’s father. Obio Oluebube has not released photographs of her biological father. Mrs. Obio,

Oluebube Obio’s biological mother, has also not been depicted in any photographs released by Oluebube Obio. Oluebube Obio is a little and diminutive Nollywood actress. However, she is older than her height and weight would indicate.


Oluebube Obi has acted alongside Chiwetalu Agu, Livinus Nnochiri, Prince Iyle Olisa, Nche Security, and Dan David Okon, among others.

In her brief career in the Nigerian film industry, Obio Ebube has appeared alongside a number of top Nollywood actors and actresses.

She has acted alongside; Mercy Johnson, Nkechi Nweje, Onny Michael, Chinenye Nnebe, Sonia Uche, Livinus Nnochiri, Prince Iyle Olisa, Nche Security, Dan David Okon, Augustine Iloh, Jnr Pope, Thankgoddess Anozie, Harry B Any

She has appeared in various comic sketches alongside renowned Nollywood performers like as Mc Collins, and her sketch “Aunty Put Me Down” was a major hit.

She played a role in ‘Ezenwayi’ alongside Prince Iyke Olisa and others. She is not yet married, and she does not advertise her boyfriend, fiance, or relationship status on Instagram.

Obio Ebube Biography And Net Worth

Obio Ebube Net Worth

Obio Ebube net worth is more than $100k US Dollars in Estimate. Many people might not know who her real parents are because she hasn’t shared any pictures of them on social media.

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