Who Is The Owner Of Minimie Chin Chin, Noodles

Who Is The Owner Of Minimie Chin Chin, Noodles

Instant noodles are sold under the Minimie Noodles (Chin Chin) brand by Dufil Prima Foods Plc. A reputable and high-quality brand of instant noodles from the Dufil portfolio of brands is Minimie.


Who Is The Owner Of Minimie Chin Chin, Noodles

After Indomie, it is the No. 2 brand of instant noodles, and it makes life more enjoyable for the almost 36 million customers who use our product on a regular basis. It is a brand for young people that exhorts them to Taste the Fun.

Which Company Produces Minimie Chin Chin

It is a brand-new product that DUFIL is introducing in addition to Indomie instant noodles. A completely automated line from M/s FAVA, Italy, is available at the business. In 2014, the Snacks Division opened in Choba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The Division produces chinchin under the “Minimie” trademark.

Who Is The Owner of Minimie Chin Chin

In Nigeria, Minimie Chin-chin has been in business for a very long time. Minimie Chin Chin’s parent firm, Dufil, is controlled by a joint venture between Singapore and Indonesia.


Up until 2018, both companies were a 50:50 joint venture between Tolaram Group of Singapore and Salim Group of Indonesia. As of right now, Tolaram Africa Foods Pvt. Ltd. and the Indonesian Salim Group make up Dufil’s management team.

Who Is The Owner Of Minimie Chin Chin, Noodles

How To Be A Distributor for Minimie Chin Chin in Nigeria

A well-known Nigerian snack called Minimi Chin Chin is produced and sold by the Nigerian company Minimie. In order to increase their market and provide more of this delectable snack to hungry Nigerians across the nation, they are searching for distributors in Nigeria. Continue reading if you want to become a distributor for Minimie. We’ll outline their requirements for distributors and how to submit an application.

Along with general information about selling food items in Nigeria, this blog post will offer some pointers on how to make your Minimie application stand out. Minimie is currently searching for individuals who want to represent them as authorized distributors of their goods in Nigeria.

There are various flavors of Minimie Chin Chin available. The “chop” and “shakes” are the two most popular options. Simply put, the chop resembles a potato chip. Before eating, it is cooked and then sliced into small pieces.

The shakes are fried and have a cookie-like shape. They are very difficult to eat and slightly crispy. Both varieties of Minimie Chin Chin are delectable and are very well-liked in Nigeria.

In a wok with hot oil, the ingredients for Minimie Chin Chin are cooked. It is referred to as a “Omega-3 fryer.” It is a small, transportable oven that can cook various fried snacks for up to 10 minutes.

Ikoil Innovations, a company that creates and produces frying equipment, is also responsible for this distinctive product. The idea behind Minimie Chin Chin is straightforward.

Who Is The Owner Of Minimie Chin Chin, Noodles

Becoming a Distributor for Minimie ChinChin


Minimie Chin Chin are seasoned, boiled chunks of plantain and okro that are first shallow-fried. They have a distinct, crunchy texture as a result, which the company describes as “biting into an okro noodle.”

Although the snack is made in Nigeria, it is well-liked throughout Africa, particularly in Ghana and Nigeria. The snack is currently sold in supermarkets and online shops all over Nigeria and has also been imported into many other African nations, including Ghana, Egypt, Tunisia, and many others.

They come in a box that you open from the bottom and are packaged in an unusual manner. This makes it easier to keep your food fresher for longer, which is especially useful in Nigeria during the long, sweltering summer days.

Not everyone in Nigeria has the opportunity to become a licensed distributor of Minimie or a naturalizing agent, but most Nigerians can certainly relate to this. In order to keep their snack safe, millions of Nigerians who adore the snack are searching for a more dependable distributor.

Additionally, there is no assurance that the snacks will still be available the day after you submit your application even though they would be delivered to Nigerians. Additionally, if you plan on selling the goods, you also need to handle the logistics of getting it to the stores.

Distributors are also expected to ensure that the stores have the proper merchandise in addition to delivering the snacks to the retailers. This is ideal for you if you’re a vendor who is interested.


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