Burna Boy Makes Bold Statement: Wizkid only Sing’s About Girls

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Burna Boy recently made a comment about Wizkid only singing about girls, which has caused reactions online. Some people think that Wizkid will eventually change his style, while others defend his music.

A resurfaced interview featuring the Nigerian Grammy-winning artist Burna Boy has set the internet ablaze. In this intriguing interview, Burna Boy made a striking statement, asserting that he stands apart from fellow Nigerian superstar Wizkid, suggesting that Wizkid’s lyrical focus revolves primarily around girls.

Twitter was set abuzz when an old interview clip featuring Burna Boy surfaced, shedding light on a question about potential competition between the two artists. Burna Boy wasted no time in clarifying that they tread different musical paths, emphasizing that there are no similarities between them, aside from their shared Nigerian heritage.

The charismatic musician went on to express that their dissimilarities extend beyond their backgrounds. According to Burna Boy, Wizkid predominantly sings about romantic relationships and the fairer sex, while he himself delves into a wider range of topics, touching on real-life issues and societal concerns.

“We are two different people,” Burna Boy declared, making his stance abundantly clear. “The only thing we have in common is that we are from the same place, and we have love for each other.”

The interview snippet left fans and music enthusiasts captivated, sparking intense discussions across social media platforms. As opinions clash and curiosity mounts, it’s evident that Burna Boy’s comments have ignited a fiery debate among supporters of both artists.

We’ve included the video clip below so you can witness Burna Boy’s candid words for yourself:


Now, we’d love to hear from you, our readers. What are your thoughts on Burna Boy’s claim of musical superiority over Wizkid? Do you agree or disagree? Is there room for healthy competition among artists, or should unity and collaboration take precedence? Share your valuable insights in the comments section below and let your voice be heard!

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