Yanbaba Biography and Net Worth, Comedian, State, Tribe, Wife, Girlfriend, Age

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Meet Yanbaba, whose real name is Chijioke Yanbae Igwendu, and he is a Nigerian comedian and content producer who is rapidly gaining recognition on social media. he was born in the 1980s.

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Wikipedia Profile | Biodata

Real Name: Chijioke Yanbae Igwendu
Date Of Birth: 1980’s
Age: 30’s
State Of Origin: South Esthern Part of Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Girlfriend – Wife: Queen Francis (Rumored) ((nairaland))
Occupation: Comedian
Net Worth: $200k
Education: University of Abuja

Yanbaba Biography

Yanbaba (also known as Odogwu Boo Boo) is a comedian and content creator from Nigeria. He is becoming more popular for his funny and insightful comedy videos that he posts on social media. His real name is Chijioke Yanbae Igwendu.

Yanbaba Biography and Net Worth, Comedian, State, Tribe, Wife, Girlfriend, Age

Age | Date of Birth

He is currently in his 30’s born in the 1990’s. He was born in the Southeastern part of Nigeria. He is a Christian and from the Igbo land.

Wife | Girlfriend

The Nigerian comedian, Odogwu Boo Boo, asked his co-star Queen Francis, aka Aisha, to marry him during a live broadcast watched by 5,000 people.

They’ve been making comedy videos together since 2018, and Aisha has been in Yanbaba’s recent shows. They were romantically involved before working together.

Education Background

Odogwu Boo Boo went to the University of Abuja and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He’s a famous comedian in Nigeria, and many people says that he’s very talented.

Net Worth

Yanbaba, aka Odogwu Boo Boo, is a Nigerian comedian who’s worth about $200,000. He’s done really well in the comedy scene in Nigeria. Lately, he’s been making videos where he makes fun of other people’s comedy movies, especially prank movies.

Yanbaba Biography and Net Worth

Yanbaba Career

Yanbaba started doing comedy in 2017 and has been making people laugh on the internet ever since. He jokes about things like politics and economics in Nigeria.

People think Odogwu Boo Boo is really good at comedy even though he hasn’t been doing it for long. His humor is popular all over the world, and he has a lot of followers on social media.

In September 2014, Odogwu Boo Boo hosted a comedy performance at the MUSON Centre. A lot of famous Nigerian comedians were there, like Apkporo, Bovi, and Buchi. MC Abbey and Lolo from Wazobia FM hosted the event.

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