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Yinka Okeleye is a Nigerian gospel artist, and music minister, born on August 12, 1991, in Abeokuta, Ogun State. Immerse yourself in the melodious journey of a man deeply rooted in faith, music, and service.


Age, Place of Birth, State of Origin, Tribe, and Occupation

As of 2024, Yinka Okeleye is32 years old], hailing from the picturesque city of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. His roots are firmly planted in the rich soil of the Yoruba tribe, and his occupation spans both the realms of music ministry and public service in Abuja.

Early Life and Education

Yinka’s educational odyssey led him to Bowen University, Iwo, where he delved into sociology and anthropology. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in criminology, his academic pursuits complement his passion for spreading the love of God through music.

Personal Life

In the realm of personal relationships, Yinka is engaged to the talented Gospel singer Sunmisola Agbebi.

Their love story, marked by a heartfelt proposal in a private ceremony, adds a personal touch to Yinka’s narrative. Sunmisola, affectionately called Ayomide, has become an integral part of his life’s journey.

Parents: Father and Mother

Regrettably, the specific details about Yinka Okeleye’s parents are not explicitly mentioned in the available search results. For a more comprehensive understanding of his family background, additional sources or direct inquiries may be necessary.

Siblings: Brother and Sister

Similarly, the search results do not provide explicit information about Yinka Okeleye’s siblings. For a more detailed account of his familial relationships, further investigation or direct inquiries are recommended.

Net Worth (as of 2024)

While the exact details regarding Yinka Okeleye’s net worth remain undisclosed, his commitment to music ministry and spiritual service takes precedence over publicizing financial status.

The journey of this gospel artist is marked by devotion and a mission to bring people closer to God.

Early Music Ministry and Career

Yinka’s musical voyage commenced during his service in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Joining a music team, he discovered the transformative power of music in spreading the love of God.

His philosophy goes beyond merely putting out songs; it revolves around creating music that not only entertains but also brings people closer to God, edifying and revealing His nature.

Noteworthy Achievements

Yinka Okeleye has become a prominent figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene, known for his involvement in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

He serves as the Music Director of RCCG Faith Chapel in Gwarimpa Estate, Abuja, showcasing his dedication to both music and ministry.

Musical Creations

Yinka’s musical discography includes soul-stirring compositions such as “Chukwumonso,” “None Like You,” and “Jesus.”

Fueled by inspiration from the Holy Spirit, each song is a testament to his gratitude for the gift of music and the opportunity to sing about the divine.

Marriage Proposal and Future

Despite not being married yet, Yinka’s engagement to Sunmisola Agbebi marks a significant milestone. The couple’s joyous journey was shared with the world through a heartfelt Instagram post, expressing gratitude for the ability to walk life’s journey together.

In Conclusion

Yinka Okeleye’s biography is a captivating narrative of faith, music, and service. As a dedicated gospel artist, public servant, and soon-to-be husband, Yinka’s story continues to unfold.

For those seeking inspiration and a harmonious blend of faith and melody, Yinka Okeleye stands as a beacon of divine harmony.

Yinka Okeleye Biography and Net Worth, Age, Wikipedia, Bio, Wife, State, Education

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