Zenokuhle Maseko Biography and Net Worth, Age, Husband, Married, Kids, The River, Car, Mother

You are currently viewing Zenokuhle Maseko Biography and Net Worth, Age, Husband, Married, Kids, The River, Car, Mother

Let’s talk about the full biography and net worth of Lawrence Maleka’s Wife, Zenokuhle Maseko. She is also known as Mbali from the movie series tagged, The River. Let’s know more about her age and lots more.

Zenokuhle Maseko is married to Lawrence Maleka, he is the present co-host person in the big brother titans that is currently going on South Africa. It’s a program mixed of Nigerians and South Africans.

Lawrence Maleka, her husband is a well-known actor, presenter, and host in South Africa. He was born in South Africa. After presenting the Mzansi Magic reality show “Clash of the Choirs South Africa,” he became a prominent figure in the country.

When her husband took over as Bonang Matheba’s successor in the third season of the program in 2016, he garnered a lot of appreciation for his performance. Those who have seen “The River” on television will recognize him as the character Zolani.

Zenokuhle Maseko Biography and Net Worth, Age, Husband, Married, Kids, The River, Car, Mother

Wikipedia Profile & Background

Real Name: Zenokuhle Maseko-Lawrence
Date of Birth: 2 February 1998
Age: 25 years old @ 2023
State of Origin: Gauteng, South Africa
Place of Birth: Benoni, Gauteng
Nationality: South Africa
Husband: Lawrence Maleka
Occupation: Actress
Net Worth: < $250k
Education: Benoni High School, Gauteng
Known For: The River

Zenokuhle Maseko Biography

Zenokuhle Maseko had her childhood experience with her family in the city of Benoni, which is located in the province of Gauteng in South Africa. She was born on 2the second of February nineteen ninety-eight.

She eventually moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, in order to pursue her professional interests and career.

Who Is Zenokuhle Maseko

Benoni, in the province of Gauteng, is where Zenokuhle Maseko’s mother gave birth to her, and she went on to become a successful model, actress, and cinematic character. She became well-known for her performance as Mbali in The River, in which she had a starring role.

Age – Date of Birth

So, a lot of people have been asking; How old is Zenokuhle Maseko? and what is her AGE? We made some findings about her age, that she was born on the 2nd day of February 1998. She is currently at the age of 25 years old this year, 2023.

Place of Birth – Origin

She was born in the city of Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa. She actually grew up in Johannesburg, after she left Benoni, Gauteng to pursue her career. Benoni is a town in Ekurhuleni municipality, Gauteng, South Africa.

Education Background

Benoni High School in the province of Gauteng in South Africa was where Zenokuhle Maseko completed her secondary education.

In addition, she was a member of a show club, where she challenged herself by taking part in the production of several plays in order to hone her acting skills.

Zenokuhle Maseko Biography and Net Worth, Age, Husband

Husband – Children

Have you been wondering if she is married or not? ok, let’s read this section to know if she is truly married or not.

To say that Zenokuhle Maseko is one talented actress who is fortunate to be married to Lawrence Maleka. Maleka admired and looked up to his father, and it was through him that he learnt how to love and care for the ladies in his life.

On the other hand, he has acknowledged that he has experienced his share of break-up’s. Before they were married, he made it clear that the woman he wanted to marry was one who could adapt to different situations.

In addition, he yearns for a sophisticated lady whose aspirations would motivate him. According to our understanding, Zenokuhle Maseko is all of the spec he wants to be with till the end of his life and more.

Zenokuhle Maseko Family

She is one of twelve children in her family, which is an interesting fact about Maseko’s background. It is important to take note of the fact that her family places a high value on education.

Research has shown that her mother, Nokuthula Ngcobo, works as an accountant, and that her father, Sifisi Maseko, is a physician. However, there is not a lot of information available on her parents.

Zenokuhle Maseko Biography and Net Worth

Acting Career

The river’ was where she got her start in the acting industry by helping with the production of the play, achieved her first level of success.

The attractive actress played the role of Mbali in the film, and because she did such a good job in the part, the movie helped her build prospects among other movie actors and actresses.

Despite the fact that the film has been depicted in a great number of contexts as the vehicle that propelled her to stardom,

The telenovela The River, which went on to win the 2020 SAFTAS awards, also served as her first and only cinematic premiere to this point.

The River

When Zenokuhle’s character was killed off in the critically acclaimed television drama series, she was forced to quit the show.

Net Worth

At the time of writing this article, the young woman, who is 25 years old, is believed to have a net worth that ranges from $100,000 to $250,000.


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