Zfancy Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Family, Parents, Girlfriend, Wife, Real Name

Zfancy Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Family, Parents, Girlfriend, Wife, Real Name

Zion Ubani Chibuike, best known by his stage name Zfancy, was born on August 18, 1995, and is regarded as Nigeria’s most infamous prankster comic. He is better recognized by his stage name than by his real name.


He is an accomplished comedian in addition to being a prominent entertainment on many social media platforms. Zfancy invested time and energy into developing his skills, and as a result, he has carved out a unique place for himself in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

Wikipedia Profile | Biodata

Real Name:Zion Ubani Chibuike
Date Of Birth:18 August 1995
Age:28 years old @ 2023
State Of Origin:Abia State, Nigeria
Marital Status:Single
Occupation:Prankster – Content Creator
Net Worth:$65k
Place of Birth:Lagos State

Zfancy Biography

Zfancy, also known as Zion Ubani Chibuike, is a popular Nigerian prankster, video producer, content developer, and social media influencer. He gained fame for uploading fake videos on his YouTube channel, ZfancyTV. Born on August 18, 1995, in Abia state, Nigeria, he spent his childhood in Lagos and completed his basic and secondary education there.

Zfancy Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Family, Parents, Girlfriend, Wife, Real Name

Parents | Family

Zfancy’s mother has always been supportive of his work, but his father was strict and didn’t allow him to make fun of his siblings. Because of this, he moved out of his parent’s home at 17 years old. He worked hard to develop his talents, and now he is considered one of Nigeria’s best pranksters.


The Nigerian prank-star is the first child in his family, and he has Igbo ancestry from both of his parents. While he has not shared much information about his family, we will update you with more information as it becomes available.

Age | Date of Birth

ZFancy is a 28-year-old content creator who was born on August 18, 1995. He will be 29 years old next year 2024.

His videos have gained him a lot of notoriety and have earned him a reputation for being able to surprise and impress his audience. He is known for his skills in comedic performance, video production, and social media influence.

State of Origin | Tribe

ZFancy, whose real name is Zion Ubani, is originally from Abia State in Nigeria. He is currently residing in Lagos State, Nigeria, where he is pursuing his career as a content creator.

Net Worth

ZFancy is a well-known content creator in Nigeria, and it is estimated that he has a net worth ranging from $65,000 to $100,000.

He is famous for creating fake videos that have gained the attention of millions of viewers on YouTube, where he pulls pranks on various individuals, including well-known figures such as Bobrisky and Sydney Talker, Asake.

Many people enjoy watching ZFancy’s videos, and some have even subscribed to his channel and turned-on notifications to keep up with his latest uploads. He has worked hard to hone his skills and has carved out a niche for himself in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

ZFancy’s mother has always been supportive of his work, but his father was strict and did not allow him to make fun of his siblings. As a result, the Comedian moved out of his parents’ home when he was 17 years old because he could no longer handle the pressure from his father.

Despite facing obstacles, He is considered to be one of the most skilled pranksters in Nigeria, and he continues to create entertaining content for his fans.

Zfancy Biography and Net Worth


Zfancy has been a prankster since he was young, but he started posting videos of his pranks on YouTube in 2017, which made him very popular. However, his career has not been without challenges.

Zion Ubani Chibuike has been hurt by people who didn’t realize his pranks were jokes, and he has had to overcome a lot of opposition. In 2018, Zfancy was arrested and jailed after he played a prank on a man in a shopping mall in Lagos State.

He had the man’s girlfriend look at the man’s dirty underwear as part of the joke, which got him into trouble. Zion Ubani Chibuike spent some time in solitary confinement in a police cell as a result of this incident.

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