Ziyakhala Meaning: What Is the Meaning of Ziyakhala And Wahala

What Is the Meaning of Ziyakhala And Wahala
(Last Updated On: January 19, 2023)

A lot of Nigerians have been asking what’s the meaning of “Ziyakhala” in South Africa, because it was used in the Big Brother Titans show. The word was used alongside Wahala.

Ziyakhala Wahala, was use as the Big Brother Titans slogan for season 1 2023. let’s see the meaning of Ziyakhala and wahala below.

Meaning of Ziyakhala

It’s a Zulu word that means you’re going through a difficult time or that something bad is about to happen to you.

It can be used to express: 1. Something is happening. 2. The snow is falling. 3. Things are heating up. Ziyakhala ke manje, he was sued for R300,000.

What Is the Meaning of Ziyakhala And Wahala

Meaning of Wahala

Wahala means “trouble,” but what it means depends on the situation. “No wahala” could mean “Yes” or “No problem.”

“Wahala dey o,” which means “there is a problem,” is the opposite. This word is rarely used by itself, and when it is, it’s usually to show surprise at something strange.

Wahala. This word comes from Hausa, but it’s not just used in Yoruba. It’s also used in most Nigerian languages, like West African Pidgin English.

It means “trouble.” It comes from the Arabic word “wahla,” which means “fear” or “terror.”

In English, Wahala means Problem. Most Nigerians both the educated and uneducated, use the word Formal and also casually.


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