Adewole Adebayo Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Family, Education, Career

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Meet Adewole Adebayo Ebenezer: He is also a candidate for the presidential election of Nigeria, that will hold on the 25 February 2023. He is contesting under Social Democratic Party (SDP).

Wikipedia Profile & Biodata

Real Name: Adewole Adebayo Ebenezer
Date of Birth: 8 January 1972
Age: 51 years old @ 2023
State of Origin: Ondo State, Nigeria
Place of Birth: Ondo City
Nationality: Nigerian
Wife: Queen Lillian Adebayo
Occupation: Politician | Legal Practitioner
Net Worth: < $1 million
Political Party: Social Democratic Party (SDP)
Qualification: Law Degree
Primary School: St. Stephen Primary School, Ondo
Secondary School: St. Joseph College, Ondo
University: Obafemi Awolowo University | Nigerian Law School
Known for: Founder, Adewole Adebayo & Co | Founder, Kaftan Tv | Litigation Lawyer, Tunji Abayomi and Co

Adebayo Adewole Biography

Adewole Adebayo is a lawyer from Nigeria who founded KAFTAN TV and is currently running for president of Nigeria with the Social Democratic Party. Born on January 8, 1972, Adewole began his career as a litigation lawyer at Tunji Abayomi and Co in Lagos.

Adewole Adebayo is a Nigerian lawyer and business owner. He established Adewole Adebayo & Co, a legal firm situated in Nigeria, as well as KAFTAN TV, a television network that highlights the diversity and richness of African lifestyle and culture.

Adebayo has supported the education of nearly 2,000 young Nigerians in tertiary institutions both in Nigeria and abroad. Additionally, he has empowered numerous individuals financially throughout Nigeria.

Adebayo Adewole Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Family, Education, Career

Age | Date of Birth

Adewole Adebayo was born on January 8, 1972, which means he is currently 51 years old. The Nigerian politician and legal practitioner will be at the age of 52 years old next year 2024.

State of Origin

He was born in Oyo State, Nigeria. Oyo State is a state in southwestern Nigeria. It is located in the region known as the Southwest geopolitical zone. The state capital is Ibadan, which is also the largest city in the state and the third-largest city in Nigeria.

Education Background

Adewole Adebayo pursued his education at various institutions in Nigeria. He earned his LLB from Obafemi Awolowo University from 1991 to 1997 and completed the Nigerian Law School in 2000.

For his secondary education, Adebayo attended St. Joseph College in Ondo between 1983 and 1989, and he obtained his primary education at St. Stephen Primary School in Ondo from 1978 to 1983.

Wife | Children

Adewole Adebayo was married to Queen Lillian Adebayo. His wife was recognized as the “Yoruba Woman of the Year” by the Yoruba Heritage Group. We have no information about their children.

Adebayo Adewole Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Family

The award was presented on September 30th, 2021, at the Adegbemile Cultural Centre Hall in Akure, with Mrs. Mercy Ebuka and Mrs. Dara Cyril accepting the award on her behalf.

Political Career

Adewole Adebayo is a well-known public figure in Nigeria, who provides commentary on national issues and participates in politics. He is a member of the Third Force, a political movement in Nigeria that aims to provide an alternative to the two dominant political parties.

In addition to his involvement in public affairs, Adebayo has recently declared his candidacy for the office of the Nigerian president. He announced his candidacy on January 15, 2022, and is running in the upcoming 2023 Nigerian general election under the Social Democratic Party (Nigeria).

Adebayo’s decision to run for president has generated significant interest and attention in Nigeria. He has already built a reputation as a competent and skilled lawyer, successful entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

As a candidate for the presidency, he has the opportunity to share his vision for Nigeria’s future and offer his solutions to some of the country’s most pressing problems. As a public affairs commentator, entrepreneur, and now a presidential candidate, Adewole Adebayo is a notable figure in Nigeria.

His story is one of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to making a difference in his community and his country. His journey offers inspiration and hope to others who aspire to make a positive impact in their own lives and in the lives of those around them.

Adebayo Adewole Biography and Net Worth

Legal Career

Adewole Adebayo is an accomplished lawyer and entrepreneur from Nigeria. He started his legal career at Tunji Abayomi and Co in Lagos, Nigeria, where he worked as a litigation lawyer.

After gaining two years of experience, he went on to establish his own law firm, Adewole Adebayo & Co., House of Law, in 2002.

Throughout his career, Adebayo has worked on many high-profile legal cases in Nigeria, including the case between Femi Falana (SAN) and the Federal Government.

In this case, Adebayo represented Continental Transfert Technique Limited in a dispute over the constitutionality of the contract between the Ministry of Interior, the Nigeria Immigration Service, and Continental Transfert Technique Limited for the collection of Combined Expatriate and Residence Permit Aliens Card (CERPAC) fees.

His successful representation in this case earned him a reputation as a competent and skilled lawyer in Nigeria. In addition to his legal work, Adebayo is also a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder of KAFTAN TV, a television network that focuses on African lifestyle and culture.

Adebayo is also known for his philanthropic efforts in Nigeria. He has sponsored nearly 2,000 young Nigerians in Nigerian and foreign tertiary institutions and has financially empowered numerous people across the country.

Adebayo’s impressive legal career, entrepreneurial achievements, and philanthropic efforts make him a notable figure in Nigeria. By highlighting these accomplishments, we can make the article more informative and engaging for readers who are interested in learning about successful individuals in Nigeria.

Net Worth

He is expected to be more or less than, $1 million. Just in case you missed it, you can read the full biography and net worth of Malik Ado Ibrahim. He is a politician and also an engineer from Kogi State, Nigeria.

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