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Andy Smart, a well-known comedian from England, made people laugh for a long time with his special jokes and clever shows. He started his career as a street performer and later became a popular member of The Comedy Store Players.

Throughout his life, Andy brought joy and created unforgettable memories through his performances. Sadly, on May 16th, 2023, Andy Smart passed away at 63 years old. Let’s take a closer look at his life and the things he accomplished.

Early Career and Comedy Partners

Andy Smart began his comedy journey by teaming up with Angelo Abela to form the Vicious Boys. Their remarkable talent earned them the esteemed Time Out Street Entertainer Award in 1984, establishing their reputation.

The duo showcased their comedic abilities on well-known TV shows such as LWT’s Wake Up London and Channel 4’s The Tube, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

During one memorable incident, Andy, disguised as a bell boy, brought laughter by amusingly pretending to be a Great Dane and playfully licking Paula Yates’ face.

Ventures in Television

Aside from his live shows, Andy Smart also explored the world of television. In 1987, he displayed his versatility as a comedian by co-presenting American Football on Channel 4 with Angelo Abela.

Andy’s comedic skills caught the attention of many, including an appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

During this memorable moment, actor Martin Freeman shared a story of how Andy acted swiftly and skillfully by performing the Heimlich manoeuvre to save him from choking on crisps. This incident showcased Andy’s quick thinking and compassionate nature.

Literary Pursuits

Andy Smart showcased his creativity not only through his performances but also in his writing. In 2019, he published a book called A Hitch in Time: From Liverpool to Pamplona on a 72,000-Mile Road Trip.

This memoir offered readers a glimpse into Andy’s captivating life and career, allowing them to explore the world of a comedian who deeply touched the hearts of many.

Personal Life and Legacy

Andy Smart had a strong sense of pride as a father to his daughter, Grace, who was born in 1993. Grace decided to pursue a career as a set designer, following her father’s artistic path. Additionally, Andy had a son named Joe.

Not only was Andy devoted to his family, but he was also actively involved in his local community. He showed his support for Farnborough F.C. by serving as a co-commentator on Farnborough FC Radio, displaying his passion for the sport.

Andy Smart Biography, Personal Life and Career

Farewell to a Comedy Legend

The comedy community received sad news on May 16th, 2023, when Andy Smart, a renowned comedian, passed away. His daughter, Grace, announced his passing through his social media accounts, leaving behind a legacy filled with laughter and happiness.

Andy Smart will forever be remembered as a skilled comedian, actor, writer, and cherished participant in TV panel shows. His contributions to the world of comedy will continue to bring joy to people for many years ahead.

In Conclusion

Andy Smart’s journey in the world of comedy was filled with laughter, unforgettable performances, and moments of genuine connection. From his early street performances to becoming a well-known member of The Comedy Store Players, Andy captivated audiences with his unique humor.

His ventures in television, literary pursuits, and dedication to his family and community leave behind a rich legacy. While we bid farewell to this comedy legend, Andy Smart’s impact on the world of comedy will never be forgotten.

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