Ashton Meem Biography And Net Worth, Age, Husband, Kids, Spouse, Children, Nationality

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Ashton Meem is a well-known ex-girlfriend and ex-wife of Russell Wilson, who plays quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. She was born in the United States. Let’s red her full biography and net worth below.

After she got married to Russell Wilson, Ashton got a lot of attention. Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem were married for only two years before they split up. Ashton Meem is an only child to her parents, she has no siblings, senior nor junior.

Ashton Meem Biography And Net Worth, Age, Husband, Kids, Spouse, Children, Nationality

Wikipedia Profile & Background

Real Name: Ashton Meem
Date of Birth: September 6, 1987
Age: 32 years old @ 2022
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia (USA)
Place of Birth: Richmond
Nationality: American
Ex Husband: Russell Wilson (m. 2012 – 2014)
Occupation: Advertising Operations Assistant
Net Worth: < $4 – 5 million
Education: University of Georgia
Parents: Molly Meem, Lang Meem
Religion: Christian

Ashton Meem Biography

Ashton Meem was born in Richmond, Virginia, in the United States of America, on September 6, 1987. Lang Meem and Molly Meem had her. As a child, she grew up in Richmond, Virginia. At the moment, Ashton Meem does not have any children. During her marriage to Russell Wilson, she did not have a child.

Ashton Meem Biography And Net Worth, Children, Nationality

Ex Husband – Spouse

Russell Wilson, a quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League, was married to Ashton Meem. They got married in 2012, but they split up in 2014.

It is thought that Ashton Meem has a net worth of $4 million. She has a lot of money now because she broke up with Russell Wilson. She could be doing legal work that would make her more money. ((

Ashton Meem Ex Husband


Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson met when they were both in high school, and they fell in love right away. After high school, they both went to different colleges, but luckily they were still able to stay in touch.

Later, Ashton went to North Carolina State University to study with Russell. After Ashton graduated from high school in August 2010, the two got engaged. Russell Wilson’s first wife is Ashton. They got married at the Country Club of Virginia on January 14, 2012.

Ashton also worked as an event planner, which she liked so much that she thought about starting her own small wedding planning business. She planned their wedding with a lot of care, making sure that every detail fit with her tastes and ideas.

Ashton Meem Wilson looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle. Russell Wilson’s wife Ashton showed off an elegant J. Crew wedding dress in New York City while Russell wore a pricey designer suit. At their wedding, there were nine groomsmen and nine bridesmaids, and about 300 guests, all of whom were dressed for the occasion.

Her Divorce With Ex Husband

After two years of marriage, Ashton and Russell broke up. There were rumors that Russell Wilson’s friend and teammate Golden Tate was having an affair with Ashton.

Even though Ashton and Tate denied the claims, Russell filed for a divorce. Fans think that the alleged affair is the main reason why they broke up, but it hasn’t been proven yet. Tate tried to make it clear that he had not been with his friend’s wife after he left the Seattle Seahawks in 2014.

At the time of their divorce, Russell had just led his team, the Seattle Seahawks, to a great season that ended with them winning Super Bowl XLVIII. Russell has been up for and won a number of awards. He was named NFL Rookie of the Year in 2012 and has been invited to the Pro Bowl four times.

After having the best season, the quarterback was named the NFL passer-rating leader in 2015. Their divorce went smoothly, and they didn’t say how much money they agreed to split. Russell Wilson’s ex-wife Ashton and her ex-husband didn’t say anything about why they split up.

Ashton Meem Biography And Net Worth

Education Background

She went to the oldest private school for girls in Richmond, which was St. Catherine High School. She went to the University of Georgia later on. But Ashton moved to Raleigh to go to North Carolina State University so she could be close to Russell Wilson, who was her boyfriend at the time. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Communications in 2010.

Early Career

Ashton did an internship in media marketing at Lewis Partners and McKinney and then went on to work as an art consultant. After she finally graduated, American Family Insurance hired her as an Advertising Operations Assistant, a job she still has today.

Where Is Ashton Meem Now

Russell Wilson’s first wife, Ashton, lived a quiet life after they got divorced. Nothing about her was shared in Hollywood or on social media. Since Russell Wilson’s marriage ended, there hasn’t been any news about who Ashton is dating. Ashton Meem, who used to be married to Russel Wilson, seems to be living on her own.

Ashton Meem Biography And Net Worth, Age, Husband, Kids, Spouse, Children, Nationality

Russel, on the other hand, started dating Ciara a year after they split up. In 2015, they were photographed together at the White House during a meeting with Barack Obama. After being engaged for four months, they got married in July 2016. In April 2017, their first child, a daughter named Sienna Princess Wilson, was born.

In 2016, when Russel Wilson got engaged to Ciara, his first wife, Ashton, got some negative attention. Ashton changed her Twitter profile picture to a picture of her old engagement ring that she had uploaded. ((

Net Worth

Ashton Meem is thought to have a net worth of $4 million. Now you know everything about Ashton’s life, including her bio, her marriages, and her divorce. Ashton Meem still lives a quiet life away from the bright lights of Hollywood.


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