Broc Feeney Biography: Broc Feeney Net Worth, Wealth, Earnings, Assets

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Broc Feeney Biography: Discover His Net Worth, Wealth, and Assets

Explore the fascinating journey of Broc Feeney’s life and career. Learn about Broc Feeney’s net worth, wealth, earnings, and assets in this comprehensive biography. Get insights into the success story of this remarkable individual.

Biography of Broc Feeney

Broc Feeney, born on October 18, 2002, hails from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and is a Libra by Zodiac sign. He has a strong passion for motorsport, and his journey in the racing world began at a tender age in 2013.

Over the years, he has achieved significant milestones in his racing career. In 2018, Broc Feeney made a remarkable mark by winning the Toyota 86 Racing Series Australia.

This achievement not only showcased his talent but also earned him the title of the youngest racing driver in his age group to accomplish such a feat.

The following year, in 2019, he further solidified his racing prowess by becoming the series champion in the Kumho Tyre Super3 Series, racing with the Nemo racing team. This remarkable success was made possible with the unwavering support of his parents, Paul Feeney and Sue Feeney.

Paul Feeney, a former professional driver, played a crucial role as Broc’s manager, securing his place in the Super2 Series and his move to the Shell V-Power Racing Team.

Sue Feeney, on the other hand, managed the family’s racing team, Sonic Motor Racing Services, which has a rich history of nurturing successful racing talents.

The Feeney family’s dedication to motorsport is evident in the sacrifices they’ve made to support Broc’s career. Their commitment, both in terms of time and finances, has been instrumental in his rapid rise in the Australian motorsport scene.

Aside from his racing achievements, Broc Feeney comes from a diverse ethnic background, with his mother, Sue, having Filipino heritage, and his father, Paul Feeney, having Irish roots.

On social media, he boasts a following of 12.5k on Instagram, where you can find him at @brocfeeney93, and 577 followers on his Twitter account.

Broc’s journey in the racing world began in 2013 when he started karting at the age of eleven. Throughout his junior years, he clinched numerous state and national championships, setting the stage for his remarkable career in motorsport.

Broc Feeney Biography: Broc Feeney Net Worth, Wealth, Earnings, Assets

Broc Feeney Net Worth, Wealth, Earnings, Assets

In 2021, his estimated net worth stood at $2 million, with his primary source of income being his career as an Australian racing driver.

Feeney is poised to earn a substantial income as a professional racecar driver, thanks to sponsorships, endorsements, and winnings.

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