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Bubba Copeland was a prominent American politician and pastor who left an indelible mark on the community of Smiths Station, Alabama.

Fred L. Copeland Jr. served as the Mayor of Smiths Station from November 7, 2016, until November 3, 2023. He was preceded by LaFaye Dellinger and succeeded by a vacant position.

Born on May 27, 1974, in Columbus, Georgia, he sadly passed away on November 3, 2023, at the age of 49 in Beulah, Alabama, due to a tragic incident of suicide by gunshot.

Fred Copeland was affiliated with the Democratic political party. He was married to Merrigail Langner Copeland, and later to Angela Gail Simpson Copeland from 2018 until his passing.

Bubba Copeland Biography

Fred L. “Bubba” Copeland, born on May 27, 1974, in Columbus, Georgia, was a multifaceted personality who served as the mayor of Smiths Station, Alabama, from 2016 until his untimely death in 2023.

His contributions extended beyond politics as he was also a devoted pastor and a successful businessman. Let’s explore the various facets of his life.

Age and Date of Birth

Bubba Copeland was born on on May 27, 1974, and passed away at the age of 49 years old, and throughout his life, he embodied the values of dedication and service that would define his legacy.

Origin, Nationality, and Ethnicity

Although he was born in Columbus, Georgia, Bubba Copeland spent the majority of his life in Smiths Station, Alabama. He was a true local, deeply connected to his community.

Early Life and Education

Bubba Copeland attended Smiths Station High School, where his journey towards public service and community involvement began.

He furthered his education by earning a degree in hotel and restaurant management from Auburn University, which laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Early Career

Before embarking on his political journey, Bubba Copeland owned “The Country Market,” a retail grocery business in Salem.

This early business experience contributed to his understanding of the local community and the needs of the people he would later serve as mayor.

Professional Career

As a member of the Republican Party, Bubba Copeland played a significant role in local politics. He served on the Lee County Board of Education, representing District 5, and later took on the role of mayor of Smiths Station.

His dedication and leadership during his time as mayor were acknowledged by both his community and national figures.

Net Worth

Bubba Copeland’s professional journey and involvement in various aspects of the community contributed to his financial success.

At the time of his passing, he had achieved a net worth of over $1 million USD, a testament to his accomplishments and contributions to society.

Personal Life

Bubba Copeland Biography, Early Life, Personal Life, Career, Family, Parents, Net Worth & More
celebsweek.com – Bubba Copeland Wiki, Obituary, Age, Wife, Kids, Career and More

Wife (Spouse) and Children (Kids)

Angela Simpson Copeland, a dedicated teacher and cheer coach at Smiths Station Junior High School, was the loving wife of Bubba Copeland.

Together, they shared the joy of parenthood, with one biological son from Bubba’s first marriage and two stepdaughters from his second marriage. Their family life was a testament to the strength of their bond.

Parents: Father and Mother

While specific details about Bubba Copeland’s parents remain unavailable, his upbringing and values shaped the man he became.

He was a family-oriented individual, and this reflected in his dedication to both his biological and stepchildren.

Siblings: Brother and Sister

Unfortunately, there is limited information about Bubba Copeland’s siblings in publicly available sources. However, his close-knit family and community were central to his identity.


As a pastor at the First Baptist Church of Phenix City, Copeland was a man of faith, and his religious commitment was a cornerstone of his life and public service.

Bubba Copeland’s Background Information

Full Name Fred L. “Bubba” Copeland
Date of Birth May 27, 1974 (D. November 03, 2023)
Age (as of 2023) 49 years old
Place of Birth Columbus, Georgia
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Phenix City
Education Auburn University (hotel and restaurant management)
Spouse Angela Simpson Copeland
First Wife (ex-wife) Merrigail Langner Copeland
Children One biological child (son) from his first marriage
Two stepdaughters from his second marriage
Residence Smiths Station, Alabama
Net Worth $1 million USD

In conclusion

Fred L. “Bubba” Copeland was a remarkable individual who left an enduring legacy of service, faith, and community involvement.

Despite the challenges he faced in his personal life, his commitment to his family and his dedication to Smiths Station, Alabama, will be remembered and celebrated for years to come.

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