Who Is Carlos Rodón Wife? Meet Carlos Rodón Spouse and Children

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Carlos Antonio Rodón, commonly known as Carlos Rodón, was born on December 10, 1992, in Miami, Florida, USA. Currently 31 years old, he is a left-handed pitcher playing for the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Rodón made his MLB debut on April 21, 2015, with the Chicago White Sox. Throughout his career, Rodón has achieved notable milestones.

As of the 2023 season, his MLB statistics include a win-loss record of 59–54, an earned run average (ERA) of 3.83, and an impressive 1,011 strikeouts.

He played for the Chicago White Sox from 2015 to 2021, the San Francisco Giants in 2022, and joined the New York Yankees in 2023.

Rodón’s outstanding performance has earned him recognition, being selected as an All-Star in both 2021 and 2022. One of his career highlights is pitching a no-hitter on April 14, 2021.

Carlos Rodón’s journey in the MLB showcases his skill as a left-handed pitcher and his significant contributions to various teams, solidifying his presence as a prominent figure in professional baseball.

Who Is Carlos Rodón Wife? Meet Carlos Rodón Spouse and Children

Carlos Rodon’s spouse is Ashley Rodon, formerly known as Ashley Paddock. The two tied the knot in 2018.

Ashley has been a constant pillar of support for her husband throughout his impressive baseball journey, which spans stints with the Chicago White Sox, the San Francisco Giants, and the New York Yankees.

They are parents to two children, Willow (born in 2019) and Bo (born in 2021). Facing challenges together, such as miscarriages and Carlos’s injuries, Ashley has been by his side.

A Covington native, she has lived there her entire life, surrounded by a robust family support system. Despite the inevitable highs and lows in their relationship, the couple continues to stand by each other through thick and thin.

Get to Know Carlos Rodon: Biography

Carlos Antonio Rodón, born on December 10, 1992, is a skilled American baseball pitcher currently playing for the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball (MLB).

He has a notable career, having previously been part of the Chicago White Sox and the San Francisco Giants, earning him two MLB All-Star distinctions.

Rodón’s journey into baseball began at North Carolina State, where he played college baseball. In 2014, he was selected by the White Sox as the third overall pick in the MLB draft.

He made his MLB debut in 2015 and achieved a significant milestone on April 14, 2021, by pitching a no-hitter against the Cleveland Indians.

The pitcher, originally from Miami, Florida, has a rich cultural background. His father immigrated from Cuba, and the family later moved to Holly Springs, North Carolina.

Rodón attended Holly Springs High School, showcasing exceptional talent with numerous no-hitters and shutouts.m Despite being selected by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2011 MLB draft, Rodón chose to attend North Carolina State University.

In his freshman year, he made a mark with a 9–0 record, setting records for strikeouts and earning accolades such as the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association Freshman Pitcher of the Year.

Rodón continued his success in college, leading NC State to the College World Series in 2013. His sophomore season saw him topping NCAA Division I in strikeouts.

As a junior, he maintained a strong performance, breaking the school’s career strikeouts record. Internationally, Rodón represented Team USA, excelling with a 5–0 record, a remarkable 0.75 ERA, and contributions of 42 strikeouts over two seasons.

After an impactful 2021 season with the White Sox, Rodón entered free agency and signed with the San Francisco Giants. However, he opted out after one season and secured a six-year contract with the New York Yankees in 2022.

Rodón’s journey from a talented high school player to a prominent MLB pitcher is a testament to his dedication and skill, making him a significant figure in the world of baseball.

Who Is Carlos Rodón Wife? Meet Carlos Rodón Spouse and Children

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