Darius McCrary Married How Many Times? Darius McCrary Wife, Ex-Wifes, Children, Parents, Father and Mother

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Darius McCrary, a renowned American actor and singer, has captivated audiences with his talent and charm. While his professional career has flourished, his personal life has been marked by a series of marriages and divorces.

In this article, we will explore the details of McCrary’s marital relationships and his journey as a father.

Who Is Darius McCrary?

Darius McCrary was born on May 1, 1976, in Walnut, California, USA. As of 2023, he is currently 47 years old. He became widely known for his portrayal of Eddie Winslow on the popular TV show “Family Matters.” This role played a significant part in establishing his fame.

Apart from his acting abilities, McCrary is also a talented singer. He released an album titled “The D List,” showcasing his musical talent. McCrary has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, including notable productions such as “Mississippi Burning,” “Freedom,” “15 Minutes,” “Transformers,” and “Star.”

Throughout his career, McCrary has received acclaim for his outstanding performances. He has earned prestigious awards, including the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, thanks to his role in “The Young and the Restless.”

Ex-Wifes | Current Wife

In his personal life, McCrary has experienced three marriages and subsequent divorces, indicating the challenges he has faced in his relationships. McCrary’s father, Howard McCrary, is a renowned composer, singer, and music director.

Darius McCrary Married How Many Times? Darius McCrary Wife, Children, Family, Parents, Father and Mother
📸 Source: Straight From The A – Darius McCrary with His Beautiful Wife

Marriage 1: Juliette Merrill Vann

Darius McCrary’s first marriage was to Juliette Merrill Vann in 2005. The couple tied the knot on December 29, 2005, with Juliette being a Las Vegas showgirl. However, their union faced challenges, leading to their eventual divorce.

Unfortunately, specific details regarding the duration and circumstances surrounding their divorce remain undisclosed.

Marriage 2: Karrine Steffans

Following his first divorce, McCrary entered into a second marriage with actress and producer Karrine Steffans. The couple got married on April 20, 2009, after dating for a year.

Their engagement lasted for three months before they exchanged vows. However, their marital bliss was short-lived, and they divorced in 2011.

The exact reasons for their separation have not been publicly disclosed. According to court documents, Karrine claimed that McCrary exhibited volatile behavior, including instances of choking and physical abuse.

Marriage 3: Tammy Brawner

In 2014, Darius McCrary embarked on his third marriage, this time with former Harlem Globetrotter Tammy Brawner. Their wedding took place in 2014, and they welcomed a daughter named Zoey during their marriage.

Unfortunately, their relationship faced significant issues, leading to their divorce in 2017. Details regarding the specific reasons for their separation have not been publicly disclosed.

Tammy accused McCrary of being abusive during their marriage, which factored into their divorce proceedings. In 2019, they reached a divorce settlement, with Tammy being granted full custody of their daughter Zoey. The judge also ordered McCrary to undergo random drug testing.


Throughout his marriages, Darius McCrary has experienced the joy of fatherhood. He has three children, with detailed information available for one of them.

McCrary and Tammy Brawner welcomed their daughter, Zoey McCrary, during their marriage. Unfortunately, the names and additional details of his other two children have not been publicly disclosed.

Darius McCrary Children
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Parents | Father and Mother

Darius McCrary, the well-known actor and singer, has a father named Howard McCrary, who had a successful career as a musician, entertainer, and actor. Howard gained fame as a member of the esteemed gospel and R&B group called The McCrarys during the 1970s.

He showcased his talents not only as a performer but also as a composer, singer, and music director. Darius has a younger brother named Donovan McCrary. Unfortunately, there is currently no available information regarding Darius McCrary’s birth mother.

In Conclusion

Despite the challenges in his personal life, Darius McCrary remains a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Known for his talent as an actor and singer, he continues to captivate audiences with his performances.

While his marital relationships have faced difficulties, his journey as a father showcases a different aspect of his life. McCrary’s resilience and dedication to his craft are evident, allowing him to thrive professionally despite the ups and downs of his personal life.

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