Funmi Awelewa Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Family, Career, Education, Personal Life

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Funmi Awelewa shares cherished memories with the late Sisi Quadri, drawing comforting words from sympathetic fans. The actress posted a video where she fondly reminisces about her late colleague Sisi Quadri, who recently passed away, evoking a wave of support from her followers.

Breaking News: Morili Funmi Awelewa finally speaks up about Sisi Quadri’s passing in a video, marking a poignant moment for her and recalling shared memories.

In a new movie, Funmi Awelewa opens up about her life story, with the film portraying her journey and experiences. Celebrating her birthday, Funmi Awelewa achieves a significant milestone by making her directorial debut in the short film “A Wish.”

Who Is Funmi Awelewa?

Funmi Awelewa, famously recognized as ‘Morili Omo Ibadan,’ stands as a versatile Nigerian actress, fashion designer, producer, and influential figure on social media.

This blog post delves into the intriguing journey of Morili, unveiling the facets of her life, career, and the vibrant personality she brings to the Nigerian entertainment scene.


Funmi Awelewa, born Funmi Awelewa Babalola on October 12, 1993, in Ayeye, Oyo State, Nigeria, holds a significant presence in the Yoruba film industry.

With her captivating roles and contributions to Nollywood, she has earned the affectionate moniker ‘Morili Omo Ibadan,’ a name that resonates with her popular film, Omo Ibadan.

Age and Place of Birth

As of 2024, Funmi Awelewa is 29 years old. She graced the world in Ayeye, Oyo State, Nigeria, bringing forth a vibrant spirit that would later captivate audiences across the Yoruba-speaking regions.

State of Origin and Tribe

Proudly hailing from the Yoruba tribe, Funmi embodies the cultural richness of her heritage, adding depth to her on-screen portrayals.

Early Life and Education

Funmi’s journey began in Ayeye, nurtured by a mother who traded in traditional herbal medicine. Despite the loss of her father, Funmi’s close bond with her mother shaped the person she is today. She reminisces about her upbringing in Ibadan and cherishes her younger sister, Abike.

Funmi Awelewa’s educational path led her through Francis M Nursery and Primary School in Bodija, Ibadan, and Orogun Grammar School. Her pursuit of knowledge continued at the University of Ibadan, where she graduated with a Diploma in Library Archival and Information Studies.

Net Worth (as of 2024)

Funmi’s net worth can vary based on different sources, with estimates ranging from $100,000 to $300,000. As of 2024, her primary income stems from her acting career.

She holds a prominent position in the Yoruba movie industry and is recognized for her roles in movies, along with being a social media influencer.

Personal Life

Her personal life intertwines with her public persona, adding layers to the Morili Omo Ibadan narrative.

Husband and Children

In 2021, Funmi exchanged vows with Oluwatosin, a fashion designer. Despite the assumption that she adopted a child named Taju, Funmi Awelewa, as of 2024, does not have children of her own.

Parents: Father and Mother

Funmi Awelewa’s mom used to sell traditional herbal medicine, and her dad has passed away. Lately, Funmi Awelewa has been deeply affected by her mom losing her sight, leading her to take a break from her career to care for her.

In a touching move, Funmi Awelewa constructed a house for her mom and siblings, revealing her strong love and concern for her family.

Siblings: Brother and Sister

Funmi Awelewa, also known as Morili, has an older sister named Olubunmi, often called Neecee boss lady. Despite looking alike, they’re not twins.

Funmi Awelewa expressed her love by building a mansion for her mom and siblings, a gesture she shared on social media.


Morili’s journey in Nollywood commenced in 2013 under the guidance of Sola Kosoko. Her acting debut in 2014 marked the beginning of a remarkable career, with pivotal roles in films like Aromimawe and the sensational Omo Ibadan in 2016.

The Olubadan of Ibadan’s endorsement propelled Morili Omo Ibadan into the limelight, solidifying Funmi Awelewa’s position as a distinguished actress.

Notable Films

Morili’s filmography includes hits like Looking for Baani, Jankariwo, Aromimawe, Ikoko, Pepeye, and Asotele. As a producer and writer, she contributed to films like Ewon Ife and Morili Bilisi.

Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship

Beyond the silver screen, Funmi Awelewa is a philanthropist, founding the Funmi Awelewa Foundation to support the visually impaired. Additionally, she is the creative mind behind Glow Envy beauty and skincare products, showcasing her entrepreneurial prowess.

FAQs about Funmi Awelewa

What Is Her Full Name?

Funmi Awelewa Babalola.

How Old Is She (as of 2024)?

29 years old.

What Is Her Date of Birth?

October 12, 1993.

Where Is Her Birthplace?

Ayeye, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Where Is She Originally From?

Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

What Is Her Net Worth (as of 2024)?

$100,000 to $300,000 US Dollars.

Does She Have Children (as of 2024)?

No, she does not have children.

Is She Married (as of 2024)?

Yes, she is married to Oluwatosin.

Who Is Her Husband?

Her husband is Oluwatosin, a fashion designer.

Who Is Her Boyfriend, Partner?

Oluwatosin, her husband.

In Conclusion

Funmi’s journey from Ayeye to the heart of Nollywood is a captivating tale of talent, resilience, and cultural pride.

As Morili Omo Ibadan, she has etched her name in the annals of Nigerian cinema, leaving an indelible mark that resonates with audiences far and wide.

As we delve into her biography, the layers of Funmi Awelewa’s life unfold, painting a picture of a woman whose impact goes beyond the screen.

Funmi Awelewa Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Family, Career, Education, Personal Life

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