Jagaban Episode 19 & 18 full squad featuring Selina Tested, is finally out and made available for you to download and watch during your leisure periods at home with family and friends.

Let’s Make a Review on Episode 19 & 18

On this Episode 19 & 18, more war is coming on the way between Jagaban, Sibi, and Aboy. They have finally killed Landlord what do you expect. 😂 Meanwhile Aboy has been capture by the Jagaban full squad. What do you think they will do to him? You know that answer after you download the episode.

Download Jagaban - Episode 19 & 18 Ft. Selina Tested
Tracy and Jagaban

To terminate Aboy is the next plan of the crew, how to kill him and method to use to kill his power first just as they did with landlord. But Aboy is very strong shah oh. 🤣 Tallest is one of the targets also, as Baby bullet is eager to straggle him in Holy ground.

Lion Son, Jagaban - Episode 19 & 18 Ft. Selina Tested

On the trailer of the comping episode, it seems Aboy has been strangle to death by hanging or by rope. Sibi went in search for Aboy in the hands of the Jaga crew and killed almost all of his crew, Sibi is a beast in the movie because they couldn’t find a way to kill him.

Download Jagaban Ft. Selina Tested - Episode 19 & 18
Jagaban and 001

One of the interesting parts, is about Fredo and Baby bullet. Do you actually expect Fredo to give his life to protect Baby Bullet the way he did? Meanwhile, let’s wait for the full Episode 19 & 18 to see what will happen.

Prince Ren, Jagaban - Episode 19 & 18 Ft. Selina Tested

In Addition, Otuleke has fortified the power of the Jagaban crew so that they can go and fight in Holy ground, let’s see what will happen on this episode. Tracy has appeared to Jagaban and Jaga was able to touch her living body.

Jagaban - Episode 19 & 18 Ft. Selina Tested Download
The Jagaban Full Squad

Just keep on imagining what will happen on this Episode 19 & 18 before you download and watch. Jagaban and the Selina Tested crew, Tallest, Tempe (Sibi), Odogwu, Amora and Chiboy are all getting it hot on this Episode 19 & 18.

Episode 19 & 18, Jagaban Ft. Selina Tested

Watching the trailer makes me fill as if 28 of April, won’t come, hope my pidgin English is good shah, just trying to use pidgin in this particular post, don’t laugh please. Their caption reads “Time to choose war over all peace, for every step taken has drawn anger, tears, betrayal and conflict.”

Download and watch Trailer:


DOWNLOAD Full Episode 19

DOWNLOAD Full Episode 18

See Some Beautiful Photos from The Movie Crew!

Lion Son and Atanakpa, Jagaban - Episode 19 & 18 Ft. Selina Tested

Baby Bullet, Jagaban - Episode 19 & 18 Ft. Selina Tested

Baby Bullet And Sibi, Jagaban - Episode 19 & 18 Ft. Selina Tested

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