Meet Eric Johnson: Jessica Simpson’s Husband – Is She Married?

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Meet Eric Johnson: Jessica Simpson’s Husband | Is She Married? – Get to know Eric Johnson, the husband of renowned artist Jessica Simpson. Discover if Jessica Simpson is currently married and learn more about her relationship with Eric Johnson.

Biography Overview

Jessica Simpson, an accomplished American singer, actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, was born on July 10, 1980, in Abilene, Texas. Raised by a Baptist minister father and a homemaker mother, Simpson’s journey towards success began at a young age.

During her childhood, Simpson discovered her passion for singing and began showcasing her talent in church choirs. At the age of seventeen, she signed a record deal with Columbia Records, marking the beginning of her professional music career.

Brief Career

Jessica Simpson is a multi-talented American artist who has excelled in various fields, including singing, acting, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. She made her mark in the music industry with her debut album, Sweet Kisses, which achieved tremendous commercial success by selling two million copies in the United States alone.

The album featured the popular hit single “I Wanna Love You Forever.” In 2005, Simpson launched The Jessica Simpson Collection, a highly successful fashion line that encompasses an impressive range of 34 product categories.

This brand has been a phenomenal success, generating over $1 billion in revenue and establishing itself as the most successful celebrity licensing brand to date. Simpson’s talents and interests extend beyond music and fashion. In 2010, she showcased her abilities on the reality television series, The Price of Beauty.

She also served as a judge for clothing designs on two seasons of Fashion Star from 2012 to 2013. Throughout the early 2000s, Simpson achieved chart success with memorable songs such as “I Wanna Love You Forever,” “Irresistible,” “With You,” and “Take My Breath Away.”

One of Simpson’s notable ventures was the reality television series, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, which featured her and her then-husband Nick Lachey. The show gained immense popularity, largely due to Simpson’s entertaining and witty one-liners.

Beyond her successful career, Simpson is dedicated to philanthropy and has actively supported various charitable organizations, including Operation Smile, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the USO. As of 2023, Simpson’s financial achievements are impressive, with an estimated net worth of $200 million.

Meet Eric Johnson: Jessica Simpson's Husband - Is She Married?
📸 Photo: People – Meet Eric Johnson: Jessica Simpson’s Husband – Is She Married?

Who Is Jessica Simpson Husband?

Jessica Simpson is happily married to Eric Johnson, who has had an intriguing journey from the NFL to the business world. Before their encounter, Johnson made a name for himself as a former NFL player and later transitioned into a successful businessman.

The pair’s love story began in 2010 when they first crossed paths. Their affection for each other was evident when they were spotted sharing a romantic moment on a yacht in Capri during Simpson’s 30th birthday weekend. At the time, Johnson was still legally married to stylist Keri D’Angelo.

However, their marriage ended in divorce that same year, clearing the path for Johnson and Simpson’s future together. Johnson and Simpson took their relationship to the next level when they got engaged in November 2010. The couple sealed their commitment with a beautiful wedding ceremony on July 5, 2014,

in the picturesque location of Montecito, California. Their love has been blessed with the arrival of three children. They welcomed their daughter, Maxwell Drew, into the world in 2012, followed by their son, Ace Knute, in 2013. Completing their family, their daughter Birdie Mae was born in 2019.

Throughout their journey, Jessica Simpson husband has been a steadfast source of support for Simpson. He has stood by her side, offering unwavering encouragement during both her career endeavors and personal challenges.

This includes supporting her through her struggles with addiction and being there for her during the release of her memoir, “Open Book.” The bond between Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson is a testament to their enduring love and the strength they find in each other.

Eric Johnson Biography

Eric Johnson, known for his career as a tight end in the NFL, has had an impressive journey both on and off the field. Born on September 15, 1979, in Needham, Massachusetts, Johnson honed his skills in college football while playing for Yale University. As a standout wide receiver, he set several records for the school.

In the 2001 NFL Draft, Johnson was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the seventh round. He played for the 49ers from 2001 to 2006 and later joined the New Orleans Saints in 2007. Throughout his NFL career, Jessica Simpson husband demonstrated his talent, with his best season being in 2004 when he achieved 82 receptions for 825 yards and two touchdowns.

After leaving the NFL, Johnson embarked on a new path in the music industry. He pursued a career as a guitarist and recording artist, releasing several albums and showcasing his musical abilities. In 2022, there were reports of Johnson’s potential return to football when he was selected by the Indianapolis Colts in the fifth round of the NFL Draft.

However, it remains uncertain if he will indeed make a comeback to the sport. Eric Johnson’s journey from the NFL to music exemplifies his versatility and passion for various endeavors, leaving an inspiring mark on his fans and followers.

Is Jessica Simpson Married?

Jessica Simpson is happily married to Eric Johnson, a former NFL player turned businessman. The couple tied the knot on July 5, 2014, and has been together for nearly a decade. They share three beautiful children: Maxwell Drew, Ace Knute, and Birdie Mae.

Jessica and Eric’s love story began in 2010 when they first crossed paths. Their connection grew stronger, leading to their engagement in November of the same year. The couple exchanged vows in a picturesque ceremony held at San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California.

Eric Johnson, who had a successful career in the NFL before transitioning to business, adds a dynamic element to their relationship. Together, they have built a life centered around love, family, and shared goals.

The couple’s journey is marked by their dedication to each other and the beautiful family they have created. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson continue to nurture their bond, cherishing the precious moments they share.

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