Jojobaby Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Girlfriend, Education, Record Label

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Jojobaby, born Christian Joshua Daberechi, is a Nigerian musician who has taken the Nigerian music industry by storm with his captivating style of music. This biography will shed light on Jojobaby’s life, career, and net worth in 2023.

Jojobaby Biography: Rising Nigerian Music Star

Jojobaby Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Girlfriend, Education, Record Label

Early Life and Education

He was born in Imo State, Nigeria, and had his primary and secondary education in Nigeria, although details about his education are currently undisclosed. The Nigerian singer moved to Lagos in search of greener pastures and to make a name for himself in the music industry.

Music Career

Jojobaby started his music career in the church choir, where he developed a passion for music. He credits his role model, football star Cristiano Ronaldo, for his dedication, determination, and hunger for success.

He also mentions American music star Chris Brown as his mentor in music, saying that he sang just like him when he was in the choir.

Jojobaby Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe

The Nigerian singer participated in the popular music reality show, Nigerian Idols, but he was unable to win the competition. However, he was signed to Dream Music Group and released a single titled “Depth,” which was a hit and gave him the spotlight he needed to advance his career.

Jojobaby Songs

The Nigerian singer has been consistent in releasing hit songs that have captivated the hearts of music lovers in Nigeria. Some of his songs include “Depth,” “Downtown,” “Jealous,” and “Prisoner.” He has also released his first EP titled “Obsession,” which embodies seven solid and well-curated tunes with no guest artists.

Jojobaby Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth

Jojobaby’s net worth is estimated to be $5000 in 2023, (( but it is expected to increase in the next few months due to his hit singles and EP receiving massive airwaves across streaming platforms.

Social Media Presence

Jojobaby has taken advantage of social media platforms to connect with his fans and promote his music. His official Instagram account has over 10.3k followers, and his handle is @realjojobaby. However, his phone number is not available to the public.

Jojobaby Biography

Personal Life

Details about Jojobaby’s relationship are undisclosed, but it is apparent that he is solely focused on his music career and not involved in any romantic relationship at the moment.


Jojobaby is an upcoming Nigerian musician who has proven that with dedication, consistency, and hard work, anything can be achieved. His captivating style of music has won the hearts of many in Nigeria, and he continues to strive for success.

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