Kevin Samuels Biography: Was Kevin Samuels Married Before He Died? Kevin Samuels Cause of Death, Place of Death, Net Worth

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Kevin Samuels is a well-known internet personality and image consultant from the United States. He gained popularity in 2020 for his thought-provoking discussions on YouTube and Instagram, where he talks about modern society and relationships.

He has been called a YouTuber, dating expert, life coach, and social media influencer. This article provides information about Kevin Samuels’ life, including his biography, personal life, net worth, and career. It gives insights into the person behind the public figure.

Kevin Samuels Biography

Kevin Roshon Samuels was born on March 13, 1969, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. He went to Millwood High School and started studying chemical engineering at the University of Oklahoma.

Unfortunately, he had to pause his education when he was 21 due to a battle with cancer. Despite the difficulties, Samuels didn’t give up and continued on a remarkable journey that would shape his future.

Age | Date of Birth | Ethnicity

Samuels’ birth year has been a topic of discussion, but the most reliable information suggests that he was born on March 13, 1969. At the time of his death in May 2022, he was 53 years old.

There were some earlier reports mentioning different ages, but the confirmed information states that he was 53. As an American citizen, Kevin was proud of his nationality. His ethnicity was not publicly disclosed.

Family Background | Early Life

Limited information is available about Kevin Samuels’ family background and early life. He was born and grew up in Oklahoma City, but details about his parents and other family members are not widely discussed or known.

Education | Early Career

Samuels started studying chemical engineering at the University of Oklahoma but had to stop due to his cancer diagnosis at 21. He then worked in marketing before starting his own image-consulting firm in 2013. This marked the beginning of his career as an image consultant and led to his later accomplishments.

Was Kevin Samuels Married Before He Died? Kevin Samuels Cause of Death, Place of Death

Personal Life: Wife and Children

Limited information is available about Kevin Samuels’ personal life. It is known that he was married and divorced twice, but details about his marriages and the identities of his former wives are undisclosed. Samuels has a daughter from his first marriage, born on June 29, 2000, but information about any other children is unclear.

Net Worth

Kevin Samuels had an estimated net worth of $4 million at the time of his unfortunate passing in May 2022. He accumulated his wealth through his successful career as an image consultant, YouTuber, and social media influencer. His financial success was a reflection of his impact and popularity in the industry.


Kevin Samuels had a significant presence on various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, where he gained millions of subscribers and followers.

He conducted interviews with famous personalities such as Nicki Minaj, T.I., and Brittany Renner, which helped him gain recognition for his engaging content.

However, Samuels’ opinions and comments on relationships and society sometimes stirred up controversy. As an image consultant, he used a rating system to assess women’s perceived dating value based on factors like size, height, and weight.

While addressing men’s challenges, he also expressed concerns about certain issues in the black community, such as high rates of out-of-wedlock births and low marriage rates.

Samuels’ supporters viewed him as someone who advocated for traditional values, while his critics accused him of promoting misogyny and contributing to the Black manosphere. His work left a lasting impact on his followers and those who engaged with his thought-provoking content.

Cause of Death | Place of Death

On May 5, 2022, a sad incident occurred in Atlanta, Georgia. A man named Samuels, who was 53 years old, was found unresponsive in his apartment. A woman who had stayed with him called 911 when he had chest pains and collapsed.

He was taken to a nearby hospital, but unfortunately, he did not survive. The medical examiner’s report later revealed that Samuels had a pre-existing condition called hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, which contributed to his passing.

This reminds us of the importance of managing health conditions like hypertension by monitoring blood pressure, following treatments, and seeking medical help when needed. Samuels’ death is a loss for those who knew him, reminding us to take care of our health. May he rest in peace.

In Conclusion

Kevin Samuels was a multifaceted individual who made a name for himself as an internet personality, image consultant, and social media influencer. His discussions on relationships and societal issues garnered significant attention, leading to widespread recognition.

Despite his passing at the age of 53, Samuels left behind a legacy that continues to impact his followers and spark conversations.

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