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Recent reports state that Lasya Nanditha, a member of Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) and first-time MLA, lost her life in a road accident in Hyderabad on February 25, 2022.

Formerly a corporator from Kavadiguda since 2016, she was swiftly taken to the hospital after the incident but unfortunately passed away later. The driver involved is said to be in critical condition and is currently undergoing medical treatment.

Notably, she had encountered another accident just ten days prior in Narkatpally, where she sustained minor injuries. Born in 1986 in Hyderabad, Lasya Nanditha entered politics about a decade ago and secured a victory in the November 2023 elections as the party’s nominee.

Who Is Lasya Nanditha?

Lasya Nanditha, a promising young politician from Telangana, India, left an indelible mark on the political landscape before her life was tragically cut short in a car accident on February 23, 2024.

In this comprehensive blog post, we delve into her life, from her early years to her impactful political career and the untimely end that shocked the nation.


Lasya Nanditha, born in Hyderabad in 1986, was the daughter of the late G. Sayanna, a seasoned politician. Following in her father’s footsteps, she pursued a B.Tech in Computer Science and joined the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) party.

Lasya’s political journey saw her serve as a corporator and later as an MLA from Secunderabad Cantonment.

Her stellar performance in the 2023 assembly elections solidified her position in Telangana politics. Tragically, she met her end at the age of 37 in a fatal car accident.

Early Life and Education

Lasya Nanditha’s journey began in Hyderabad in 1986. Her pursuit of education led her to a B.Tech in Computer Science, setting the stage for her later political endeavors.


Joining the BRS party, Lasya Nanditha carved her path in politics. From a corporator to an MLA, she navigated the intricacies of public service, ultimately winning the 2023 assembly elections with a significant majority.

Net Worth (as of 2024)

Lasya Nanditha’s financial standing was estimated at 8.24 crores, approximately $1 million, earned through her political career and family business.

Personal Life

Lasya Nanditha hailed from a politically active family. Her father, G. Sayanna, served as a five-time MLA, while her mother, G. Geetha, supported the BRS party. Lasya’s sisters, Namratha and Niveditha, were part of her closely-knit family.

Parents and Siblings

G. Sayanna, Lasya Nanditha’s father, was a respected figure in Secunderabad Cantonment politics, passing away in February 2023 at the age of 62. G. Geetha, her mother, remained a dedicated homemaker and BRS supporter.

Namratha and Niveditha, Lasya Nanditha’s sisters, shared in her family’s political legacy.

Is Lasya Nanditha Married?

Despite her dedication to public service, Lasya Nanditha was not married and did not have a husband or children.

Cause of Death

The promising political career of Lasya Nanditha came to an abrupt end on February 23, 2024, in a horrific car accident. Returning from a private event in Sadasivpet, near Hyderabad, her car lost control on the Outer Ring Road.

The crash resulted in severe head and neck injuries, leading to her untimely death on the spot. The driver and personal assistant accompanying her were injured and hospitalized.

The police attributed the accident to the possibility of the driver falling asleep at the wheel.

Background Informations

Full NameLasya Nanditha
Birth Year1986
Death Year2024
EducationB.Tech in Computer Science
Political AffiliationBharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) party
Political PositionsCorporator and MLA from Secunderabad Cantonment
Net Worth (as of 2024)Estimated at 8.24 crores (approximately $1 million) from a political career and family business.
FamilyFather: G. Sayanna, Mother: G. Geetha, Sisters: Namratha and Niveditha
Marital StatusNot married; no husband or children
Death DetailsDied in a car accident on February 23, 2024, at the age of 37.
Lasya Nanditha Biography

In conclusion

Lasya Nanditha’s legacy is one of dedication, service, and the undeniable impact she made on Telangana politics.

Her untimely demise leaves a void, but her contributions will be remembered by those who admired her commitment to public service.

Lasya Nanditha Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Family, Career, Education, Personal Life

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